June 18 to 25, 2009

Visible Planets:
Morning: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter   Evening: Saturn

Returning Friends and Recurring Seasons - Happy Birthday and Summer Solstice

Sc000a71cc It’s Bluegrass in Telluride and for me that means music and motorcycles. It’s also one of my best friend’s birthdays [June 20th] – he’s the latest degree of Gemini possible - a “cusp baby” – which means he’s a highly evolved, clever and talented trickster [Gemini] taking his first “baby steps” into becoming a nurturing, loving, sensitive, willing to be vulnerable and get in touch with his “feminine side” [Cancer] kind-of-guy this time around.

Every year he makes the journey from Steamboat to Telluride, via Gateway and Redvale, stopping by our tree farm ranch to spend a night in the bunkhouse “cowboy room” or speed up to his rented condo at Riverside - depending on who and which toys he has in tow. It’s been a sweet sixteen years since we met him in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico, where he was staying over Thanksgiving in the house next to ours, with a newborn baby boy named after one of my favorite constellations – Orion.

June 4 to 11, 2009

Visible Planets:
Morning: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter  Evening: Saturn

Full Moon lunation: June 7th @ 12:13 pm @ 17º 07’ Gemini/Sagittarius

DSC01295 “Tibetan Buddhists, shamans around the world, and other spiritual practitioners observe New and Full Moons as windows or portals in time/space, where we can more easily see beyond the constraints of material reality. Veils part, clouds part, new realities are glimpsed as our awareness of higher dimensions expands. The days immediately before a New or Full Moon are especially potent for releasing the physical, emotional and mental blockages that prevent us from perceiving the greater truth of our being. The peak of this Full Moon coincides with Saga Dawa, the Tibetan celebration of the birth, enlightenment and passage of the Buddha, one of many great figures who taught that each of us is a Buddha, a Christ, an expression of the Tao, the Great Spirit, the Cosmos.”
          -- Stephanie Austin, The Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2009

As an astrologer, I often wonder whether or not I perceive the world as “cosmic” because I want to. My Mother and Grandmother introduced me to this divine science as a young girl, and it stuck. Over the years, I have been astounded, humbled and awed by the way celestial events coincide with, resonate to and actually constellate what I’m experiencing here on Earth.

This morning I rose to watch the "morning star" planets: Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Venus, of course, was easy to see and identify as it is the bright, bright point of light directly east above the horizon. Jupiter was also bright - though much...

April 16 to 23, 2009

Visible Planets: Morning: Venus, Mars and Jupiter
Evening: Mercury and Saturn

Sc0008c31b I recently built my own website – www.alacazem.com - and in the process I reconnected with Venus – planet of love, art and creative desire. Moving retrograde through the cardinal sign of Aries the Ram, Venus has been retracing the territory it traveled in March to early February. In my natal chart this journey takes place in the 11th house of shared hopes and dreams, future visions and collectively held goals. It is a house of inspiration, ruled by air Aquarius and the planets Uranus and Saturn.

Everyone knows – don’t they? - that we are presently in the budding phase of the revolutionary new Age of Aquarius. But everyone may not know that Aquarius rules information and knowledge, electricity and electronics, technology, inventions and – of course! – the Internet. It also rules the collective heart, friends, associates and associations, camaraderie and fellowship. Wherever one finds Aquarius in the natal chart is where one discovers “we” - our heartfelt connection to humanity, and our purest intentions and desires for becoming essential and effective contributing factors to a more progressive, more enlightened whole. It is here we offer our gifts and talents, energy and efforts to the world, with little or no attachment to the outcome.

April 9 to 15, 2009

Visible Planets
: Morning: Venus, Mars and Jupiter     Evening: Mercury and Saturn

Life is funny – and so is death, for that matter.

Sc00086b53 My Mother always loved Easter. As a little girl, I can remember being thrilled that we got to go out and buy new shoes, a new dress and an “Easter bonnet” before the big day. I always went for shiny patent leather and pastel pink. We boiled eggs and decorated them – I’ll never forget that smell of vinegar - filled colorful baskets with grass, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Then on Easter Sunday morning, we had an Easter egg hunt. All five of us kids ran around inside and outside looking for hidden treasures. It was kind of like Christmas, only different. Later on, dressed in our Easter finery, we went to church - which wasn’t really the big deal of the day because there were religious wars in our family and it was always an issue of which church to go to – and heard about Jesus; the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. That part was sad, happy and confusing. Being nailed to a cross? Ascending into Heaven? Coming back to Earth in 3D form? Questions of reality, truth and faith, but I knew for certain that Jesus Christ was a good guy. “Jesus loved me” and he loved children. He was an advocate for Peace, he forgave betrayal and he had apparently “died for our sins” – whatever that meant. His life story reminded me to be kind and compassionate to others, say my prayers and be good. 

I could never figure out exactly why my Mom liked Easter so much. It certainly wasn’t due to religion. Maybe it’s because she loved ham, and that’s usually what she cooked for Easter dinner. Or because she could eat the leftover hard-boiled eggs on her famous “grapefruit diets.” Today, I think it was because she was revitalized and invigorated by the hopeful, inspirational energy of spring. It was Mother Nature’s time of rebirth and regeneration, new growth and fresh life. I think she also felt renewed and reborn at that time. As an eternal optimist, she was mostly happy in every season. But in spring, her spirit soared. When the first hyacinths and tulips popped up, she smiled. Winter had ended.

Years later, I was driving to Denver on Good Friday. My Mother was dying. There is no way to describe the deep sorrow and devastating emotions I felt on that day. We are all born of mothers; we are carried in their wombs and suckled at their breasts. We are all given life by the eternal feminine, the force of nature that creates, nurtures and provides, holds and protects. We are born of women, we are born of mothers.

March 26 to April 2, 2009

Visible Planets: Morning: Mars and Jupiter
Evening: Saturn

Venus kisses the moon-4b Welcome to the primal fire of an Aries lunar month. The Sun and Moon form an exact conjunction aspect of a New Moon on March 26th at 10:06 a.m. MDT and the lunation begins.

New Moons are times when soul and spirit unite. The solar force of the Sun, which in astrology represents essential spirit, conjoins with the reflective light of the Moon, which represents the emotional soul, and we are able to sense, feel and intuit the deeper reaches of both soul and spirit.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is energy bursting forth; the Mother Earth awakens, birds migrate and animals give birth, grass turns green and the season’s first flowers emerge amidst sporadic rain and snow. Mornings dawn calm and later winds howl. New life abounds and survival is the theme. Aries calls upon us to arm ourselves with courage, enthusiasm and strength and go forth to fight in battles of right action and high integrity. It’s all about desire and will. May yours be pure of motive and divine in nature. Happy New Aries Moon!

March 19 to 26, 2009

Visible Planets: Morning: Mars and Jupiter
Evening: Venus and Saturn

On March 20th, at 5:44 a.m. MDT, the Sun enters the cardinal fire-sign of Aries the Ram and the emerging season of spring begins. We experience a day of equal light and dark, a brief 24 hours of celestial balance and cosmic equilibrium. We are entering the season of increasing light, the season of planting and growth. It’s time to touch and till the soil, plan our gardens and gather our seeds. Spring Equinox heralds the beginning of our natural solar year, and it’s a time when we instinctively align with the energies of renewal and rebirth.

DSC00862 Spring here in the West End means baby lambs and calves, fresh green grass and budding lilacs. Farmers are burning their ditches and fields, smoky blue spires rise across the mesa as they prepare the land for irrigation. Bald eagles gather for migration north and roost in old piñon and cottonwood, hunt prairie dogs and snatch field mice in the open pastures below. The San Juans and La Sals are still covered with snow, glowing white the distance, laced with blue-grey rock and thick black forest. The skies are home to wispy cirrus and pouffy cumulus clouds, jet trails lay tracks and make enormous crosses in the atmosphere above. Everywhere there is new life.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. May you discover the joy of rebirth and rewards of courage as you cultivate the best within and blaze fresh trails toward glittering, glimmering new horizons.