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Telluride… Inside, Outside, and Beyond

It’s what’s outside that brings many people to Telluride. But that’s not all. A growing number of people find themselves drawn to what’s inside too… the theater, film festivals, dance and fine arts add up to a rich cultural community rivaling the majestic scenery outdoors. Telluride truly has much to offer no matter what your interests and passions.

Beyond that is a special inner core known to each and every one of us proud to call ourselves a Tellurider. Telluride is as much a state of mind as it is a place in the state of Colorado. We all have a little Telluride “Inside”, no matter what we’re up to or where we’re hanging our hats at any given point in time. Many Telluriders travel – some by sharing rides and others in their personal jets – and what we do away from Telluride can be every bit as interesting as what we do when we’re home in the San Juans.

So, whether you’re looking to find out the best trails for skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking or whether you want to know more about an upcoming festival or the best place to enjoy a beer after a long day of playing hard, or perhaps you simply want to keep up with fellow Telluriders, we’re here for you. Come join us and celebrate the Telluride Inside.

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  1. sandra will carradine says:

    Hi Susan, Sandra Carradine here and what a great article, as always, from you – the BEST

    I hope you and Clint are looking forward to the show and can’t wait to see you there.

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful article.

  2. Hi Susan,
    What a joy to meet you the other night. This website is phenomenal and so is your on line publication. I’m SO impressed. I love the way you write. I shall be reading your articles in detail in moments of delight and great satisfaction. We shall keep in touch!
    Warmest regards, Sharleen

  3. Deedee Decker says:

    Susan, I thank you and Clint so much for helping me negotiate the icy streets, a fabulous dinner at The Sheridan Bar, and then the DooWops. I loved the whole evening. And thanks for sending me the TIO release on the Telluride Foundation’s Grant Awards. Happy New Year to you both, Deedee

  4. Jerry Vass says:

    Please forward to Cynthia Zehm.

    Hey Cynthia,

    Just a note to say that your piece on Louise Gerdts was excellent. Well written, simple, clear. Good on you. The hardest three things to do as a writer.


  5. Roger Hockman says:

    Susan (ne): been wondering where you are. Nan and are eager to touchbase!

  6. Puka Lewicky says:

    Dear Susan, thank you for a great experience with snow and sun and mountains . I am thankful for the time with Clint and Bill of the Adaptive program. An exhilarating feeling to be able to stay on my cross-country skis with security. Is Telluride getting snow today.? We are having a strong wind and snow day in Flagstaff. We are watching the Olympics. USA! USA! USA!

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