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    1. Hi Susan – Its Madhuri. I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you since seeing you at Judyth and Jewel’s poetry reading. Would you be interested in doing a piece on Judyth? She is FABULOUS in every way and a true award-wining poet, teacher and activist. I think you’d love her and her story. You can contact me or Judyth herself at

    2. Susan, thank you for interviewing Bob Moss, author of “Vibes from the Screen.” I think the people who read his book after rather than before seeing films at the festival will reflect back on movies they saw and recall scenes that were more telling than they realized.

    3. Dudley Sharp says:

      Dear Susan:

      I just found the admin response to my condemnation of Zwick’s “Trial By Fire”.

      As detailed, below, the film, like the article, was total nonsense, as both writer and director are well aware, as they and many others from the New Yorker and from the films production, received the below:

      If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Rebuttal: “Trial by Fire: Did Texas execute an innocent man?

      Sincerely, Dudley Sharp

    4. Levi Varnon says:

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