October 1 to 8, 2009

Visible Planets: Morning: Mercury, Venus and Mars  Evening: Jupiter

Blessing the Beauty and Bounty of the October Harvest Moon

1 Yesterday the wind blew so hard it lifted the roof off one of our loafing sheds. And on the way up and off, it hit and snapped the electric power line running above it. My husband and brother-in-law were sitting at our kitchen table when it happened, having lunch. The tall power pole outside the kitchen window suddenly bent and swayed. They knew something big was “in the wind” and rushed outside to find a live power line that had been cut in two and was lying red-hot on the highway. In its journey down, it had sparked a fire in the tall grass growing along the roadside. The roof to the shed had flipped over and was upside down between the road and the shed. My husband went in to call 911, the Fire Department and San Miguel Power. His brother and the two guys working with them that day digging trees ran out with shovels to start tamping the flames. Wow!

September 10 to 17, 2009

Visible Planets:
Morning: Venus and Mars   Evening: Jupiter

Revisit the Past and Prepare for the Future in the Present

Well, it’s Virgo time and time for me to do the Virgo thing – seriously! – clean and organize my messes and piles. “Stuff” that this Libra Sun, Gemini Rising, Cancer Moon moonchild has so lovingly and craftily collected over a lifetime. Right!

1 Columns and stories I’ve written over the years, magazines with amazing authors and articles, beautiful photographs and pieces of artwork, leather for making vests and chaps, fabrics for clothing, quilts and pillows, crystals, family memorabilia, cards to and from my Mother, wedding presents I’ve never used, shoes and sports gear…things like that.

Some people are better than others at cleansing and purging, discerning and discarding, prioritizing and criticizing. Not me! I hang on to things from Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers, etc. Sound like an emotionally attached Cancer Moon?

August 27 to September 3, 2009

Visible Planets: Morning: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter  Evening: Saturn

America's Most Accomplished Senator Enters in Dreamy Pisces and Exits in Virtuous Virgo

250px-US_Capitol_dome_Jan_2006 Ted_Kennedy,_official_photo_portrait_crop "For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die." - Senator Edward M. Kennedy

One of our country’s most famous, accomplished and influential politicians, Senator Ted Kennedy, passed from this world to the next in his Cape Cod home last Tuesday, Aug. 25th. Born Feb. 22, 1932, he died on a day when the Earth had reached a point in its yearly orbit around the Sun that was almost exactly opposite his own natal sun-sign degree, a point long ago associated by astrologers as a critical degree in one’s annual birthday to birthday solar cycle.

Today, modern astrology pays less attention to physical predictions of doom, gloom and possible death than it does to the more psychological, spiritual and emotional manifestations of planetary positions and aspects. One thing is certain, however, about Sun opposition Sun transits: we feel a certain amount of tension and pull, we are awakened to life’s inherent polarities and we are called upon to balance our perspectives, opinions, tendencies and behaviors with opposite views and forces. It’s the classical reflection of the internal self in the mirror of external relationship, the dance of inside with outside.

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IMG_4173 Telluride Inside... and Out is pleased to congratulate locals Amy Jean Boebel and Sue Hobby. Three garments the two women created from discarded aluminum screens were accepted into WOW, the World of Wearable Art Awards Show. The  big event, the most prestigious on the international design, fashion and costume calendars, takes place late September, right after Blues & Brews, in Wellington, New Zealand.

WOW has a developing reputation for inspiring and encouraging recycling, but why aluminum screen? The ladies say, like fabric, the screen is woven. The material is also illuminative, (gives off light), translucent, and abundant at the construction site next to Boebel's studio.

"The process of making these garments allowed for  the kind of experimentation that challenged both of us. (Actually, the biggest challenge was keeping enough band-aids around.)  Getting the screen to respond in the prescribed way was both frustrating and fascinating, "  explained Boebel.

August 6 to 13, 2009

Visible Planets: Morning: Venus, Mars and Jupiter   Evening: Mercury and Saturn

Bookends on the Summer Eclipse Series and Messages on the Cosmic Wind

1 It’s mid-summer and we have just put the bookend on the 2009 series of summer eclipses. Whew!

From the first July 7th Full Moon lunar eclipse, to the second New Moon solar eclipse on July 21st, to the third and final Full Moon lunar eclipse on Aug. 5th, we have traveled many actual and metaphorical miles. We have experienced the metaphysical metamorphosis of ecliptic phenomena and its accompanying planetary change.

From the wild phantasmagoria of Michael Jackson’s death and globally covered memorial service, to the up close and personal passing of Captain Jack Carey and his touching, down-home memorial service at the Telluride Town Park, we have been awakened and transformed. And that’s what eclipses are all about.

[click "Play" to hear Beth & George Gage on "Fire on the Mountain"]

Men of the 10th Mountain Division here for July 4 and Telluride Mountainfilm benefit showing of "Fire on the Mountain"

10thMtDivPoster-nwm Telluride began celebrating the Fourth of July in the 1880s, about 100 years after Congress the day Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

The party got way out of control some time in the early 1970s, and Telluride cancelled the Fourth of July party until further notice. When the holiday was reinstated on the summer calendar a year or two later, the main event was a BBQ and fireworks sponsored by the Fire Department. Period.

In late 1980s, the Fourth of July parade was returned to its past glory, with almost everyone in town taking part, leaving only tourists as spectators.

[click "Play" to hear Erik Dalton]

1227724970 Just down the road a piece from Telluride, all day Saturday, June 27, the neighboring town of Ridgway is hosting an all-day River Festival, with activities for kids of all ages. One of the main event sponsors is Telluride's Jagged Edge, the kayaking hub of Southwestern Colorado.

Jagged Edge owner Erik Dalton and store manager Cari Mackey will be on site throughout the day with a fleet of demo kayaks and all the required equipment from the store available for anyone to use for free.

IMG_2679 Over time, there are certain facts of life around Town Park Telluride Festivarians have come to expect, like afternoon showers.

Park your attitude at the front gate. Noblesse oblige does not get you very far – certainly not back stage. 

Days at Telluride Bluegrass begin with the running of the tarp crack of 9 or 10 a.m.
(Diehards camp out all night for house seats.)