TIO says WOW to Boebel and Hobby

TIO says WOW to Boebel and Hobby

IMG_4173 Telluride Inside… and Out is pleased to congratulate locals Amy Jean Boebel and Sue Hobby. Three garments the two women created from discarded aluminum screens were accepted into WOW, the World of Wearable Art Awards Show. The  big event, the most prestigious on the international design, fashion and costume calendars, takes place late September, right after Blues & Brews, in Wellington, New Zealand.

WOW has a developing reputation for inspiring and encouraging recycling, but why aluminum screen? The ladies say, like fabric, the screen is woven. The material is also illuminative, (gives off light), translucent, and abundant at the construction site next to Boebel's studio.

"The process of making these garments allowed for  the kind of experimentation that challenged both of us. (Actually, the biggest challenge was keeping enough band-aids around.)  Getting the screen to respond in the prescribed way was both frustrating and fascinating, "  explained Boebel.

IMG_4172 As the outfits evolved, Boebel and Hobby relied on their unique perspectives as sculptor and fiber artist respectively.

For Boebel, the collaboration marked a return to familiar territory where she triumphed last January. The first Art Walk of 2009 featured Boebel's "Seventeen Scrolls of Screen," sculptures created entirely from rolls of wire screen. The stunning 3D abstractions played with movement, light, shadow and shades of gray.

Hobby's creations have been seen around town for years, on the runway of the Telluride AIDS Benefit and on the boards during Telluride Repertory Theatre productions. When it comes to fiber art, locally Hobby is the Mother of Invention.

Boebel and Hobby are well on their way – literally and metaphorically. To help with the expense of plane tickets and travel expenses,  Luci Reeve and other friends have organized a fundraiser at the Sheridan Opera House, Sunday, August 9, 8 – 10 p.m.  The event includes food, dance and an auction of Hobby's and Boebel's creations.  For a preview, check out the ladies, pictured with their "muse." (We promised not to show images of the garments until they appear on WOW's runway.)

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