by R. J. Rubadeau

IMGP0901 Following the well attended opening seminar at the Wilkinson Library on January 6th entitled Publishing 101 YourBookBiz© has begun to post the materials presented and to begin working through the tight tasks and timelines required to take a book from finished manuscript to book sales in nine short months. A unique partnership has been formed with the public library, Between The Covers Bookstore, Sirius Publications, and Telluride Inside…And Out, to supply the writing community a single contact and resource point for advancing your manuscripts to publication. A jointly sponsored project, Gatsby’s Last Resort: A Telluride Murder Mystery by author R. J. Rubadeau have already completed the first two tasks on our list: establishing a publishing business (Sirius Publications) and have begun the process of securing peer readers and completing the final self edit.

It snowed in Telluride for my birthday. Snowed hard, and kept it up all day. After a dry spell, that's a good thing.Another good thing?  When one is pleasantly surpised by the generosity (particularly the generosity of spirit) of others. The James family lives...

by Sandra Dorr

(Poet Sandra Dorr read selected works last month at Telluride's Wilkinson Public Library. One of them was this Christmas narrative about "Oranges," from her book, "At Susan's Table," published by Two Rivers, Portland, 1998.)

Sandra Dorr

On the great Christian holidays my family always drove Mrs. Swenson, the widow, to church. 

"Now, quiet!" my mother hissed when our car stopped before her tiny blue bungalow.  We all snickered at Mrs. Swenson, mad that we had to pile up in twos and threes so she could fit into the back seat.  She plumped down, reeking of cloves and rose water, the circle of rouge wobbling on her cheek like Jell-o when she pinched my brother's cheek and cooed, "He's so lit-tle!"  He hung his head, and she fell on Pat and me.  "Well, girls.  How's school?"  She talked until the car stopped, and like a whirling of leaves we sprang out, breathed deeply, and arranged our wrinkled wool skirts and coats for the hour of mass.

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art opens the holiday season with a show of new work by internationally celebrated painter Susan Sales. Sales's canvasses mark the nexus of two major movements in contemporary art history: Abstract Expressionism or muscular "action painting." (Think Jackson...

12-1-B&C Enough food from the Thanksgiving table to last, well, until the next holiday banquet. But how about some food for thought? Telluride's Wilkinson Public Library announces its programming for the upcoming week.

Monday, November 30, 6 p.m.: The Metaphysical Cycles and Seasons of the Family Tree

 The lineage of the family tree, exactly mirrors the times of the day, seasons of years, and the mysterious stages of our spiritual evolution. Nature invites us to join and participate in the harmony that surrounds us. The featured speaker is Denny Ray Johnson (www.rayid.com).

Tomten greenhouse w dbl rainbow The holiday season is upon us in Telluride, with loads of opportunities for spreading a little cheer. The New Community Coalition's Kris Holstrom, owner of Tomten Farm (you buy their produce every year at the Telluride Farmer's Market) has  two greenhouses in need of a little TLC.

The ‘old standby’ greenhouse needs some clean up and organization. The ‘new growing dome’ needs its water tank put together, reflectix stapled up and a bit more. Saturday, November 28, 11 – 2 p.m.(ish), is an opportunity to check out this amazing structure as Tomten starts to get it ready for production.

The snow in the mountains around Telluride ( there's still some around our house, left over from last week's storms) means that Winter, and its promise of mountain sports, entertainment and dining in town, will soon be here. Telluride Inside...

[click "Play" to listen to Erik Dalton on outdoor fashion]

Kode_aframeski Editor's note: In Fall 2002, long-time Tellurider Susan Dalton acquired the flagship Jagged Edge store, 223 East Colorado. Son Erik, an avid outdoorsman – skier, climber, backpacker, kayaker – took over the operation. Today, Erik is the store's primary buyer and product tester. Product lines reflect a bias towards grown in America and co-ops that help people in Third World countries. One of Erik's respected vendors, Osprey Packs, perfectly fits the Jagged Edge mold.

Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts regularly does podcasts for Fashion Friday. Her subject is the latest and greatest in women's fashions and accessories and they are heavily laced with estrogen. Kristin is on vacation, so Telluride Inside... and Out decided to give Fashion Friday a very different spin this week, with a podcast by Erik Dalton about Osprey's great new ski/snowboard pack. I know we are pushing the definition of "fashion" with this post. But the people who will want this pack, are generally predisposed to pushing the edge. And besides, it's nice to throw a little testosterone into the mix.

Themenwhostareatgoats_smallposter The Nugget Theatre in beautiful downtown Telluride is showing one movie for the week of November 20-26: "The Men Who Stare at Goats." Rated R, the film tells us that there is a branch of the military which is studying the paranormal with the goal of reading the enemy's mind, killing by thought, learning to walk through walls.

TMWSAG is billed a dark comedy and boasts a first class cast in George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey and Ewen McGregor. I probably will go just to watch George Clooney stare a goat down. See below for showtimes, and see the Nugget website for trailers and reviews.