YourBookBiz/TelluWriter is launched on Telluride Inside… and Out on 1/10/2010

YourBookBiz/TelluWriter is launched on Telluride Inside… and Out on 1/10/2010

by R. J. Rubadeau

IMGP0901 Following the well attended opening seminar at the Wilkinson Library on January 6th entitled Publishing 101 YourBookBiz© has begun to post the materials presented and to begin working through the tight tasks and timelines required to take a book from finished manuscript to book sales in nine short months. A unique partnership has been formed with the public library, Between The Covers Bookstore, Sirius Publications, and Telluride Inside…And Out, to supply the writing community a single contact and resource point for advancing your manuscripts to publication. A jointly sponsored project, Gatsby’s Last Resort: A Telluride Murder Mystery by author R. J. Rubadeau have already completed the first two tasks on our list: establishing a publishing business (Sirius Publications) and have begun the process of securing peer readers and completing the final self edit.

Resources have been posted to help other authors and book entrepreneurs follow along, whether you live locally or commute through the World Wide Web, with our program to find your own traditional publisher, hybrid publishing house, or to begin the process to self publish your manuscript with a deadline of having a book on the shelves in bookstores for Christmas 2010.

Each week on Book Sunday at Telluride Inside… and Out a new set of resources and links will be added to the TelluWriter/YourBookBiz site. These content rich materials will be targeted to specific items from the tasks and timelines list to be accomplished during the week.

Timely responses to all comments and ideas from our growing posse of writers responding to the weekly postings on the site will be added by R. J. Rubadeau. Through this mechanism we will all be able to share the process of decision making as we move Gatsby’s Last Resort: A Telluride Murder Mystery towards publication.

We hope this interactive site and blog style of communication, coupled with the three upcoming free seminars at the Wilkinson Library, will encourage a growing number of writers who want to participate in this project. All writers or participants who add value or contribute their experiences to the site and the project will be acknowledged in the published book.

For those who would like to be added to an Email list that will receive weekly updates about what is being added to the site please drop an Email to Publisher@Sirius Smile often, write hard, and support your dream by participating in YourBookBiz© at TelluWriter on Telluride Inside… and Out.

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