Fashion Friday: Jagged Edge

Fashion Friday: Jagged Edge

[click “Play” to listen to Erik Dalton on outdoor fashion]

Kode_aframeski Editor’s note: In Fall 2002, long-time Tellurider Susan Dalton acquired the flagship Jagged Edge store, 223 East Colorado. Son Erik, an avid outdoorsman – skier, climber, backpacker, kayaker – took over the operation. Today, Erik is the store’s primary buyer and product tester. Product lines reflect a bias towards grown in America and co-ops that help people in Third World countries. One of Erik’s respected vendors, Osprey Packs, perfectly fits the Jagged Edge mold.

Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts regularly does podcasts for Fashion Friday. Her subject is the latest and greatest in women’s fashions and accessories and they are heavily laced with estrogen. Kristin is on vacation, so Telluride Inside… and Out decided to give Fashion Friday a very different spin this week, with a podcast by Erik Dalton about Osprey’s great new ski/snowboard pack. I know we are pushing the definition of “fashion” with this post. But the people who will want this pack, are generally predisposed to pushing the edge. And besides, it’s nice to throw a little testosterone into the mix.

Kode_avygear Formed in 1974 in Santa Cruz, CA, Osprey Packs has grown from humble beginnings to become a pioneer in the world of backpacks. The company is also connected to Telluride: Osprey maintains headquarters only 65 miles away in Cortez, CO. And the company is currently running a contest, partnering with Telluride.”Come Play in Our Backyard” Travel Contest is a chance to win a trip for two to experience Southwest Colorado. The prize package : 3 days lift tickets; 3 nights lodging in Telluride; airfare for two from any major U.S. city to Cortez, Colorado; shuttle to Telluride from Cortez; 2 Kode 22 L ski packs; 2 Sojourn 28″ / 80 L-wheeled convertible packs; 2 Flap packs. (The contest ends December 15). For details go to Osprey’s website.

Kode_dryorg As Osprey Packs grew in the late 80’s, the owners bought an old Gore-Tex factory in Dolores, CO and moved all operations.  Osprey did all its manufacturing in-house at that point, relying heavily on the skilled labor of the local Indian population to help construct their products. Many of those first Osprey backpacks cut and sewn in Colorado are still running around the San Juan Mountains today. 

Kode30_helmetcarry In 2000, with expansion came a move to Asia, but Osprey’s owners weren’t ready to let the whole manufacturing process out of their control, because they care about quality control, labor standards and working conditions. Osprey partnered with a factory in Vietnam, moving to the country to oversee the manufacturing process, which speaks volumes about how much Osprey cares about their products from production to end use: on their customers’ backs. 

Osprey’s Motto sums up the company’s philosophy  “Pack Your Passion. Go.”

The Kode series of packs represent the latest incarnation of Osprey’s “snowplay” category. To learn more about the line’s sexy, functional features, click the “play” button and listen to Erik Dalton’s podcast.

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