Designing Woman Abigail Heche At Telluride Gallery Of Fine Art Through March 20

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It’s March in Telluride. Forget the fact that Punxsutawny Phil, the famous groundhog, saw his shadow the morning of  February 2, predicting winter would last another six weeks. Relatively high temperatures and infrequent snowflakes suggest Spring is in the air. In the news, fashion pundits are welcoming an end to the long winter of their discontent and embracing new beginnings. They say the next season is all about body-con dresses, colors of the Southwest and big earrings. Jeweler Abigail Heche of the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art could care less.

Bling is Abigail’s thing, but her work defies glitz and the quicksilver nature of trends. Her line is classic, understated, elegant and as delicately beautiful as its creator. Also like the artist, the pieces are  full of wonderful surprises. Abigail’s subtle touches include not just white diamonds, but lots of blacks and browns, simple hoops that go disco with pin points of diamond accents, rough cut stones, and subtle colorations everywhere, clusters, and lots of layering.

“The only trends my jewelry reflects are those in my life,” explained Abigail.

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