Alacazem 2009.04.09

Alacazem 2009.04.09

April 9 to 15, 2009

Visible Planets
: Morning: Venus, Mars and Jupiter     Evening: Mercury and Saturn

Life is funny – and so is death, for that matter.

Sc00086b53 My Mother always loved Easter. As a little girl, I can remember being thrilled that we got to go out and buy new shoes, a new dress and an “Easter bonnet” before the big day. I always went for shiny patent leather and pastel pink. We boiled eggs and decorated them – I’ll never forget that smell of vinegar – filled colorful baskets with grass, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Then on Easter Sunday morning, we had an Easter egg hunt. All five of us kids ran around inside and outside looking for hidden treasures. It was kind of like Christmas, only different. Later on, dressed in our Easter finery, we went to church – which wasn’t really the big deal of the day because there were religious wars in our family and it was always an issue of which church to go to – and heard about Jesus; the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. That part was sad, happy and confusing. Being nailed to a cross? Ascending into Heaven? Coming back to Earth in 3D form? Questions of reality, truth and faith, but I knew for certain that Jesus Christ was a good guy. “Jesus loved me” and he loved children. He was an advocate for Peace, he forgave betrayal and he had apparently “died for our sins” – whatever that meant. His life story reminded me to be kind and compassionate to others, say my prayers and be good. 

I could never figure out exactly why my Mom liked Easter so much. It certainly wasn’t due to religion. Maybe it’s because she loved ham, and that’s usually what she cooked for Easter dinner. Or because she could eat the leftover hard-boiled eggs on her famous “grapefruit diets.” Today, I think it was because she was revitalized and invigorated by the hopeful, inspirational energy of spring. It was Mother Nature’s time of rebirth and regeneration, new growth and fresh life. I think she also felt renewed and reborn at that time. As an eternal optimist, she was mostly happy in every season. But in spring, her spirit soared. When the first hyacinths and tulips popped up, she smiled. Winter had ended.

Years later, I was driving to Denver on Good Friday. My Mother was dying. There is no way to describe the deep sorrow and devastating emotions I felt on that day. We are all born of mothers; we are carried in their wombs and suckled at their breasts. We are all given life by the eternal feminine, the force of nature that creates, nurtures and provides, holds and protects. We are born of women, we are born of mothers.

When I arrived at my sister Karla’s house, with whom my Mother was then living, she was happy to see me. I carried an old photograph of her as a child, sitting in the grass amongst spring flowers, in a white eyelet Easter dress with her fuzzy teddy bear, Teddy.

“Oh, it’s Teddy!” she exclaimed. Back to childhood. Back to Easter.

We all acknowledged that it was Easter weekend. That we were all together, that we would be cooking ham. I felt so thankful and grateful that I was with her, that she was my Mother, that we had lived and breathed together here on this Earth.

On Easter Sunday, at 11:00 p.m. my Mother left this world and ascended into heaven, or wherever beautiful, loving souls go on their journey to the Great Beyond. I was holding her hand. And it was Easter.

(Mar. 21-Apr.19)
The Easter theme of resurrection aligns with the seasonal energy of rebirth and renewal. Aries represents the innocence of an open mind and the willingness to suspend preconceptions and try something new. Pluto recently retrograde favors practical, realistic action and calculated risks, big stakes gambling and impulsive acts are not. Be calm. Be kind. Be cool.
(Apr. 20-May 20)
Take a look at what you’ve done, where you’ve been and what has happened over the last two weeks. Crumbling foundations and new structures are themes. Determine what can be fixed and what cannot. Utilize your personal creative gifts and talents to revitalize and reinvigorate what still stands on terra firma. Try something different.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)
Ruler Mercury enters determined Taurus and sends the Twins strong messages from the past. Take a good look at what you’ve said and how you’ve behaved with others regarding love and money. Did you blow someone off or insult their integrity? Did you take advantage of a friend financially or betray their trust? Examine your part and do your best.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)
The Aries/Libra full moon shines light on family relations and professional achievements. Dramatic events may have forced you to examine of societal standards of consumption and prosperity. What you value and whom you esteem has been challenged. Cultivate stable relationships and maintain personal stamina. Perseverance furthers.

(July 23-Aug.22)
Let’s face it, you can’t control or dictate the world’s economy, no matter how hard you try. Living by example and thinking outside the box are your best bets in times of social strife and financial instability. Focus on keeping your own house clean and maintaining realistic personal agendas of self-improvement. Focus on balance, moderation and new ideas.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep.22)
Personal performance says it all. Recent acts and behaviors stand as strong examples of what you value and where you want to go. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are essential to success now. Others have their own agendas and also need room to grow. Delineate what’s yours and what is theirs. Accept responsibility and do the work. Live and let go.
(Sep. 23-Oct.22)
The Apr. 9th Full Moon in your sign highlights the power you have and the part you play in relationships. Look in to the reflecting mirror of interaction and see what you can see. Identify areas of distress, frustration and confusion. Make self-improvement a priority and experience the magic of metamorphosis. Be open and willing to change.

(Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Financial crises force us to look at values and priorities. Dysfunctional self-indulgence is no longer and option. A simpler, more rewarding lifestyle is. Embrace life’s basic pleasures and experience grace. Angelic forces and guardian angels surround you now. Attack personal demons with the warrior spirit. Cultivate personal courage and maintain stamina.

(Nov. 23-Dec. 20)
Friends and lovers abound as a light-filled Libra Full Moon illuminates the best of what has gone before, what is today and what’s possible in the future. However, the excitement of the fresh, new season and joy of life is shadowed a bit by haunting memories of an over-inflated ego. Clear the decks and make amends. Wipe the slate clean and practice humility.

(Dec. 21-Jan. 19)
Self-empowerment and self-examination walk hand-in-hand this week as cardinal squares illuminate the difference between what you can control or change and what you cannot. Of course, you are most effective with personal programs of self-improvement and enhancement. Take action regarding self and be sweet and diplomatic with others. Enjoy the joy!

(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Soar above your life and take in an eagle-eye view. Look at the bigger picture. Economics is no longer a personal or national puzzle – it’s global. Consider world markets, the Internet, technology and mass communication. Jump in and become a more effective contributing factor to the co-creative solution of the evolutionary equation. Join the party.

Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
The Uranus/Saturn opposition in Pisces/Virgo perpetuates the oscillating tension of two bodies pushing and pulling on one another. The problem and solution are the same: balance. As long as you keep internal dialogs positive and maintain emotional equilibrium, all is well. When fear and doubt rule, the depths of darkness are daunting. Stay light, be cool.

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