October 2010

380 Ed. note: TIO's Denver-based contributor Tracy Shaffer muses about the play she has written, which is being performed this week by the Paragon Theatre Ensemble.

After years of living with these characters inside my head and seeing them come to into two-dimensional existence with various staged readings, my play (W)hole is finally on its 3-D feet in Paragon Theatre Ensemble's World Premiere production. I sat down for lunch at Cholon Bistro (more on that) with Telluride Playwrights Festival Director, Jennie Franks, who came to town this week to see my play, discuss our new Colorado playwrights group, Collective 7, and brainstorm about the 2011 Playwrights Festival. As Denver Post Theatre critic, John Moore, wrote in his advance press piece, (W)hole was started years ago and has been the beneficiary of input from various theatre companies along its way.  I wasn't writing or shopping the play around the whole decade, but revising drafts and submitting as time allowed.

IMGP2140 On the road in Greece, Telluride Inside... and Out has found the good far outweighs the bad. And even the bad tends to be not so bad in the end.

It wasn't easy, but we finally managed to extricate ourselves from the womb of Casa Delfino and head for the next big town on the north central coast of Crete, Rhethymnon. En route, Jenny, our ever helpful concierge, suggested a stop at Aptera, an ancient site not even mentioned in any of our guide books.

Aptera lies at the top of the Palaiokastro hill overlooking Souda Bay, the site of a major military base, which Clint visited in his Marine Corps days.

-1 By Ashley Deppen

Ruffles and fringe and tulle, oh my! The frillier the better and this season’s trends are all about bringing out the feminine and flirty side of fashion. Ruffles, fringe and tulle are what you need to keep a look out for this season and whether you like it or not, it’s time for that inner girly-girl to shine.

Ruffles have become one of fashion’s mainstream trends this fall. They are romantic and simplistic.  Ruffles are welcome anywhere and are right for a woman at any age. Ruffles can be found on blouses, skirts, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and bags. Ruffled tanks that you bought for the summer can easily be turned into underpinnings this fall and winter season; layer a ruffled tank under a belted cashmere sweater and you have a sophisticated look that can be worn day or night. Go big and try a Marc Jacobs tiered ruffled skirt—or start small, and with a ruffled blouse by Bell.


October 28 to November 4, 2010
Visible Planets: Morning: Saturn  Evening: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter

Spirits Cross & Witches Fly...Happy Halloween!

Pink leaves Again and again, I am captured by the colors of autumn. The blush of peach, the deep reds, golden yellows and luscious greens quicken my heart and take me to a place of grace, gratitude and humility. It’s somehow connected to the thin line between life and death, the world of spirit and the heavenly, ethereal celestial sphere — the metaphysical mysteries that taunt and haunt, intrigue and entice me, fill me with wonder and tempt my imagination to explore and travel in the worlds beyond.

170px-Kobe_Mosaic17s3072 October is a month of metamorphosis and transition. It begins with the glorious, dramatic beauty of Indian summer —the magnificent colors and bounty of harvest — and ends with skeletal silhouettes and swirling leaves, icy mornings and crackling fires. Spirits fly and witches cast spells, pumpkins are carved, potions concocted and costumes created for the fun, frolic and festivities of Halloween — the most mystical and magical holiday of the year.

"They're closing down the hangout, the air is turning cool...
... I come down to talk to me, When the coast is clear..."

     Jimmy Buffet, "When the Coast is Clear"

Some days Telluride Inside... and Out focuses on the  "inside." Those days are museum, gallery, church, monastery, etc. intensives, total immersions in history for grounding. But not today. Today was all about "out."

IMGP2096 On days like today, Telluride Inside... and Out hits the road with the sole intention of having no fixed intention, just inhaling the views from random stops on surrounding highways and byways. We are still in Crete. The weather, gods, kismet, something has gotten in the way of our leaving this Eden, so we gave in (willingly) to fate. Our hotel in Chania, Casa Delfino, became a home away from home and a launching pad for yet another Cretan adventure. Today was all about exploring the island's far west coast. First stop: Falasarna.

This Halloween weekend at the Nugget you can catch the scary, new vampire flick "Let Me In" that pays homage to the classic Swedish original horror movie "Let the Right One In." The core story is the same in "Let Me In," a young...


After eight years in the field, Lacrosse in Telluride is going legit: This will be the first year that the boys and girls teams will be entering the CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) Mountain Division. New players are welcome, and there will be an informational meeting Thursday, Oct. 28 (today!) at 5:30 p.m. at the high school cafeteria. Pizza will be served.

Lacrosse in Telluride started out eight years ago with just 15-18 high school boys and has grown into a girls and boys program with high school and middle school teams, and TYLA (Telluride Youth Lacrosse Association) anticipates more than 80 athletes will play this season. In the last few years the boys team has had a number of second and third place finishes in tournament play, and the girls (which started just four years ago) took second place at the Edwards LAX Jam in their first season. Playing for CHSAA is bound to help the players improve. “This will test our skills against much bigger schools with more established programs,” says Frank Hensen, president of the TYLA board.

IMGP2073 Telluride Inside... and Out's travels are as much about the people we meet as the places we see. And among the most interesting of the interesting we've encountered so far on our Greek adventure is Nikos Stavroulakis.

Jenny, the concierge at our hotel, Casa Delfino – fabulous, but more on that later – suggested Etz-Hayyim Synagogue and the old Jewish quarter as interesting stops on our tour of Chania's Old Town. She also mentioned that since her husband Alex worked at Etz Hayyim, perhaps he could arrange a meeting with the man responsible for Phoenix-like resurrection of the former house of worship. The interview with Nikos was scheduled for 5 p.m. yesterday.