January 2009

The Sheridan Arts Foundation's Young People's Theatre stages "Grease" at Telluride's Sheridan Opera House, Feb 6-8

Hindsight is not always 20/20. Sometimes it needs glasses.

Grease poster When Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey penned "Grease" in 1971, Americans were nostalgic for the white picket fence days of the 1950s. But the innocence of that era was largely fiction: the headlines of the Eisenhower years included Communist witch hunts, polio, the hydrogen bomb, the Korean War, and racial segregation.
Pop culture was all about Mitch Miller, Elvis, James Dean and "Rebel Without a Cause," doo-wop and Doris Day – but also Jack Kerouac, who wrote "On the Road" in 1957. To the road warrior and his legions of fans, America of the 1950s seemed to be many flavors of strange under a white-washed veneer of pristine sameness.

The authors of "Grease" chose to sanitize those realities and dress them up in poodle skirts and leather jackets. The world of "Grease" never existed and always existed.

the background

Susannainthekitchen The Showtime hit, "The United States of Tara," is about one woman with a multiple personality pile-up. In Tara's case, the condition is pathological. In Dr. Susanna Hoffman's case, it is merely circumstantial: her interests are as wide ranging as her achievements and talents.

Lucky for us, Susanna's gift for cooking – she has written five cookbooks – intersects with her passion for, no kidding, football.

The story is that growing up her older sister was all pink and lace and girly girl, and so she became the rampaging tomboy: "I knew all the baseball stars and football signals."

January 29 to February 5, 2009
Visible Planets: Morning: Saturn  Evening: Venus

"It feels like a fresh start with communicative Mercury turning direct on January 31, vivacious Venus firing into impulsive Aries on February 2, and assertive Mars moving into innovative Aquarius on the 4th. The shifts of these fast-moving planets increase the pace of activity on the surface, yet resistance to substantial change may be pushing up from below. The opposition of restrictive Saturn to revolutionary Uranus on February 5 can provoke a conservative backlash against conventional ideas. This is the second of five face-offs between these contrasting planets that last from November 4 until July 26, 2010. However, the futuristic force of Uranus could break through Saturn's resistance. The enthusiastic presence of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Uranus' home sign of Aquarius favors progressive influences. Yet, the second opposition in a series like this often counters the effects of the first one."
             The Mountain Astrologer by Jeff Jawer. Issue#143* Feb/Mar 2009                                                 

 I especially like the way this astrologer presents the explosive and restrictive forces at work in these very dynamic times. We have recently witnessed the shattering breakthroughs of proverbial glass ceilings; the election of our first African-American (and Caucasian) biracial President on Nov. 4th - the day of the first of these five Saturn/Uranus oppositions - stunned and inspired the world. The hope of collective healing, the dream of a united America and the optimistic ideal of 'a more perfect union' vibrated from the Eastern seaboard to the mountains of Colorado to the shores of the great Pacific. Across our nation - black and white, red and yellow, rich and poor, haves and have nots, young and old, male and female - people joined together in a shimmering rainbow of evolutionary awakening and soulful enlightenment. This is the exciting, intriguing prospect of the emerging Aquarian Age. May we combine the wisdom, focus and structure of Saturn with the liberating, progressive freedom of Uranus for a truly awesome era of positive, productive change. Yes, we can!

Hear Todd Snider sing (5274.8K)

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TS Lone Star Music 1 (Todd Purifoy) Beaverton, Oregon's proud son Todd Snider is his generation's Will Rogers, an amiable, plainspoken, wise-cracking story teller and champion of the common man – just add a guitar and a pickup truck.

Todd is appearing in concert at the historic Sheridan Opera House, January 31, 8 p.m., with his friend and mentor Keith Sykes, whose most recent album the younger man produced.

You may not know Keith, but you know his music. He wrote songs made popular by Jimmy Buffet ("Volcano," "The Last Line" and "Coast of Marseilles"), John Prine ("You Got Gold," "A Long Monday," and "Everybody Wants To Be Like You"), Guy Clark ("She Loves To Ride Horses," "Shut Up And Talk To Me"), Jerry Jeff Walker ("Very Short Time"), and Rosanne Cash ("Rainin' On My Soul").

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  2009 Poster 010609
Poster by Kim Hilley

Chocolate predates Telluride (and its famous Fling). The history of chocolate actually dates back at least 1,500 years, when the Mayans of Central America crushed cocoa beans into an unsweetened beverage. The Aztecs had a name for that beverage: xocolatl or bitter water. The Aztec ruler, Montezuma II, is said to have consumed 50 or more golden goblets filled with bitter water each day.

Chocolate, also called “food of the gods,” was used in religious ceremonies. Its seeds were traded as currency.

The Spanish conquistador Cortes is said to have called chocolate “the divine drink which builds up resistance and fights fatigue.”
Years later in Europe, chocolate was prescribed for depression and made into love and death potions. (Its bitter flavor masked poisons.)

  Images from 2008 Fling 1.   221 South Oak - chefs Eliza Gavin & Sue Govindsamy2.   Allred's & Telski - chef Jason Lemon3.   Argentine Grille @ The Rico Hotel - chef Eamonn O'Hara4.   The Bistro @ The Hotel Telluride - chef Michael Dellaporta5.   Cosmopolitan...

To purchase tickets to the Chocolate Lovers' Fling, go to Two Skirts, Between the Covers, Telluride Bottle Works, and in the Mountain Village, Telluride Coffee Company. Online, go to tellurideticket.com. Act now and the price is $35 through January 31.After Saturday, the price goes up...

Opens at Telluride's Nugget Theatre on Friday, Jan 30

Cast: Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, James Franco, Josh Brolin, Diego Luna, Kelvin Yu, Lucas Grabeel, Alison Pill, Victor Garber, Denis O'Hare

Director: Gus Van Sant

Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black

Length: 2:08

Rated: R for profanity, sexual situations and violence

Subtitles: none

Eight Academy Award Noms: Best Film, Director (Gus Van Sant), Actor (Sean Penn), Supporting Actor (Josh Brolin), Original Screenplay, Costume Design, Editing and Music Score.

Opens at Telluride's Nugget Theatre on Monday, Feb 2

Cast: Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Carice Van Houten, Eddie Izzard, Terence Stamp, Stephen Fry

Director: Bryan Singer

Screenplay: Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander

Length: 2:00

Rated: PG13 for violence and brief strong language

Subtitles: none