Nuggets from The Nugget

Nuggets from The Nugget

Opens at Telluride's Nugget Theatre on Friday, Jan 30

Cast: Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, James Franco, Josh Brolin, Diego Luna, Kelvin Yu, Lucas Grabeel, Alison Pill, Victor Garber, Denis O'Hare

Director: Gus Van Sant

Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black

Length: 2:08

Rated: R for profanity, sexual situations and violence

Subtitles: none

Eight Academy Award Noms: Best Film, Director (Gus Van Sant), Actor (Sean Penn), Supporting Actor (Josh Brolin), Original Screenplay, Costume Design, Editing and Music Score.

Milk is the story of San Francisco in the '60s and '70s, the story of Harvey Milk (Sean Penn), gay activist and politician, the story of a place and an era, leading up to Milk's assassination in 1978, by family-values conservative, Dan White (Josh Brolin).

Milk plays at the Nugget Friday, Jan 30 through Sunday, Feb 1 at 6:15 and 8:30 pm; at 8:30 Mon and 6 pm Tue, Feb 3 and Thu, Feb 5

To watch the theatrical trailer, click on's trailer website.

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