I find it endlessly interesting watching Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel's Ted Hoff at work with dogs. The underlying technique is almost always the same: patience; reward in the form of physical and audible praise, but only for correct performance. Ted doesn't...

Joe Kimm never got to Telluride. But he should have, he would have loved it. Joe is a pioneer pilot with Northwest Airlines, now retired for 39 years, father of my first wife Barbara, and who played no small part in my having...

In this week's video, Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel shows us an obedience training session with Drake, his young Yellow Labrador Retriever. At seven months old, Drake is expected to make some mistakes. Repetition to teach the right response, patience when...

[click "Play", Alex Carter talks about his book]

InsidersCover Telluride is not just any small town. And Telluride Middle School/High School principal Alex Carter is not just any school administrator. In 2003, Carter was recognized as one of the top educators in the United States with his selection to receive a National Milken Educator Award. And Alex Carter is also an author.

On Thursday, August 12, starting at 6:30 p.m., Carter will be on hand at Between the Covers bookstore to sign copies of his latest effort, "The Insider's Guide to High School: A Parent's Handbook for the Ninth Grade Year," (Vandamere Press, 2010), a work he co-authored with Tim Healey. (Together the writing team have 40 years of teaching experience.)

IMG_7576 Last night, Tuesday, August 10, Phrog and Phidgt from Steamboat Springs threw a little party for a few of their closest friends in Telluride Town Park. Food and drink were served. The main course was Phish. Though clearly not an endangered species.

Here're a few things you need to know about Phish phans:

#1. They are nice people, who smile and look you in the eye as they eagerly answer any and all questions about their favorite band.

#2. They are smart and articulate. (See quotes in related post)

It's fair to say The Grateful Dead were early adapters of the Google model – predating Google. They understood the power of the people to sell their brand, (Read "What Would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis if you want to know more.)  Word is that when the Dead parted ways, their sea of fans parted too, some becoming devotees of Widespread Panic and others, Phish phans.

The scene last night in Telluride Town Park was grassroots Gothic, avid Phish phans as far as the eye could see demonstrating a populist zeal rarely seen outside of Tea Party gatherings these days. Only they are positive and having lots more fun. Phish does not hold back, delivering cross genre, super-extended grooves laced with improv and a light show that drives the crowd wild. Phish phans don't hold back either. They give full-throated praise to the boys in their band. Here's a random sampling from our neck of the woods Tuesday night.

IMG_7505 Phrog (his first Phish concert was in 1991) and Phidgt from Steamboat Springs. Phrog is involved with two Phish websites: and, which tapes and distributes the band's shows. (Trading tapes has helped Phish sell over 8 million albums/DVDs in the U.S alone.)