[click "Play" to hear Jerry Uelsmann's first podcast] The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art welcomes renowned photographer Jerry Uelsmann to town on August 6 at an opening of an exhibition of his work, including four brand new large-scale prints (38" X 48" and 44" X...

IMG_2004 (editor's note: Telluride gathered to say goodbye to Jack Carey on Saturday, July 25. Many spoke for us: Jack's brothers, daughter, friends; Monica touched our hearts in describing their life together and the unspeakable loss of a love taken too soon. TIO has chosen to let the words of Pamela and her son Gabe represent us in our farewell to Jack.)

When the going gets tough, Telluride gets going. It was as tough as it gets on Saturday, when the town had to bury a favorite son: Captain Jack Carey, a renowned skier and paraglider, our Icarus – only it was not the sun that got him. It was a truck. He was on a bike, a relatively new toy and joy – but Jack turned everyone and everything into joy.
Joy, a lust for life, respect for all living things, especially those he loved, especially Monica and his family, those are Jack's legacy and lesson.

Pamela Lifton-Zoline is another town treasure: a painter and writer of science fiction, children's books, libretti for two operas  – and a stunning tribute to Captain Jack that follows:

Telluride turned out in force to say goodbye to a beloved friend today. It may have rained in Town Park, but the hang gliders and parachuters flew, and the whole town was there to share stories, tell about long-ago meetings, of findings and leavings. Jack,...

In Telluride one is likely to see all styles of walking sticks: high tech ones by Leki, a broken branch picked up off the ground, or a fine piece of wood, maybe even laminated slices of hardwood carefully glued, sanded, finished. My stick (though...

There are people whose absence is difficult or impossible to imagine. I have known Jack Carey most of the time I have been in Telluride. We are not  close friends, the kind who can share stories of adventures, dinners together, so I'll leave those...

[click to hear Dan James on cheese and more]

DSC_4596 Telluride's annual Farmers' Market, now in its seventh year, features almost 40 vendors, all of whom come from within a 100-mile radius to bring their sustainably raised fruits, veggies, flowers, meats, fish, crafts and cheeses to town every Friday, 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., June – October. The market is the place every weekend for the greater Telluride community to gather and feed a growing appetite for quality food and town talk, the spicier the better.

One of the many smiling faces we look forward to seeing each week belongs to Dan James of the James Ranch, located ten miles north of Durango in the Animas River Valley.

IMG_3529 Nick Day, internationally known actor, sometime Telluride near-local, friend, has been in Telluride for about two weeks this time around. Nick is a key element in Jennie Franks' Telluride Playwrights' Festival, on- going, hosting actors' workshops, participating in readings. It goes on.

Nick was on hand for the 4th of July in Telluride, and has consented to let TIO publish the column he wrote for folks back home in England. Read it and ask yourself: "Am I/ are we really doing all we could to preserve this place we call home, Telluride, the wider world?"

Thanks, Nick.

Greenwich Time

by Nicholas Day

I’ve just had the privilege of spending Independence Day in small town America. It was an exciting and – unexpectedly – moving day. It celebrates the astonishing courage and determination of a people in defence of their rights, and brought the community together in a proud demonstration of what they are and what they stand for.

[click "Play" to hear Susan's conversation with Betsy Lummis]

When the going gets tough...

DSC_0423  Betsyanew is a start-up founded by entrepreneur and part-time Telluride local Betsy Lummis. The new business is an affirmative response to adversity and a shining example of taking a yoga practice off the mat.

Betsy Lummis was hardwired to practice Karma Yoga. Raised among politicians/philanthropists, she embraced the idea of selfless service, and for 20 years expended time and energy doing fundraising, event coordination, and networking in support of causes she believed in. The Telluride region's Ah Haa School for the Arts and the nascent Telluride Yoga Festival are just two examples of Betsy's largesse.

Betsy Lummis began taking classes at Ah Haa when she first arrived in town 15 years ago. Daughter Phoebe has been a summer art camper at the school for seven consecutive summers.

Download Jacques Parker, 10th Mtn Div [download file to hear Jacques Parker talk about his experience with the 10th Mtn in WWII]

IMG_3588 I had the unique opportunity to talk to a living legend in my Telluride living room on July 3. Jacques Parker had agreed to an interview, and what a treat to hear from one of the participants what it was like to be at Camp Hale (near Leadville, CO for the uninitiated) for training, how he came to be a combat artist, about the camaraderie among the men of the 10th Mountain Division during the Second World War, and generally to have a good conversation with a real gentleman.

Fourteen years ago, Beth and George Gage, Telluride locals and well known documentary filmmakers made "Fire on the Mountain" about the 10th. The film is being screened at 6:00 pm, Monday, July 6, at the Sheridan Opera House. The movie is the highlight of Telluride Mountainfilm's Summer fundraiser.

[click "Play" to hear Liz Lance on the Media and Beauty]

Liz_about On Monday, July 6:30 p.m., at Telluride's Wilkinson Public LIbrary, itinerant daughter Liz Lance plans a multimedia presentation of her Fulbright research on the subject of beauty and the way mass media affects ideas about body image and femininity in Nepal.

The conversation has never been more interesting. We live in a world of swizzle stick celebrities, binge diets and surgeons armed with needles, scalpels, lasers, whatever is desired or required to overhaul anyone with a chunky checkbook from head to toe. Make-up, skin and hair care, cosmetic surgery, health clubs and diet pills rolls up to a global industry worth over $160 billion per annum.