Jerry Uelsmann at Telluride Gallery of Fine Art August 6

Jerry Uelsmann at Telluride Gallery of Fine Art August 6

[click “Play” to hear Jerry Uelsmann’s first podcast]

Uelsmann_1004H_writing_desk The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art welcomes renowned photographer Jerry Uelsmann to town on August 6 at an opening of an exhibition of his work, including four brand new large-scale prints (38″ X 48″ and 44″ X 54″) of his iconic images, printed in a severely limited edition of nine. (The Gallery has #1 in each series.)

Uelsmann is widely considered one of the great masters of modern photography, standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Steichen, Stieglitz,  Kertesz,  Adams, White and Cunningham. In his signature work, myth and reality, fact and fiction, achieve detente, peacefully coexisting in visual poems that somehow manage to display both gravitas and a palpable joie de vivre.

The Telluride Gallery is also part of an exclusive fraternity: one of only eight galleries in the country selected to represent Uelsmann’s compositions, work as emotionally and psychologically illusive as it is technically flawless.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art director Barbel Hacke selected five of Uelsmann’s images for commentary by the artist. Click the “play” button and listen to the photographer provide clues to the imagery in these examples of his work, beginning with an image of a philosopher’s study.

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