Betsy Lummis, part-time local, sponsors Telluride Yoga Festival

Betsy Lummis, part-time local, sponsors Telluride Yoga Festival

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When the going gets tough…

DSC_0423  Betsyanew is a start-up founded by entrepreneur and part-time Telluride local Betsy Lummis. The new business is an affirmative response to adversity and a shining example of taking a yoga practice off the mat.

Betsy Lummis was hardwired to practice Karma Yoga. Raised among politicians/philanthropists, she embraced the idea of selfless service, and for 20 years expended time and energy doing fundraising, event coordination, and networking in support of causes she believed in. The Telluride region’s Ah Haa School for the Arts and the nascent Telluride Yoga Festival are just two examples of Betsy’s largesse.

Betsy Lummis began taking classes at Ah Haa when she first arrived in town 15 years ago. Daughter Phoebe has been a summer art camper at the school for seven consecutive summers.

DSC_0524 In its new, much larger location at the Old Depot, 300 South Townsend, Ah Haa is now in a position to realize its mission to become a community gathering place with a focus on the arts. (The school’s only major public fundraiser, Ah Haa’s auction, is Friday, July 24, 5 p.m.) For years, Betsy has helped generate funds and sponsorships.

Betsy Lummis, a close friend of Telluride Yoga Fest founder, Jivamukti instructor Aubrey Hackman, and a long-time yogi, became involved with the event from Day 1, helping to shape the concept and generate momentum, working on community outreach and enrollment initiatives by leveraging all the Telluride region has to offer in terms of culture and outdoor adventure.

Betsy Lummis now lives primarily in Denver and  part-time in the San Francisco Bay area and Telluride.

Betsyanew turns an avocation into a vocation. Her new venture capital company targets Betsy Lummis’  passions: visual art, education, fashion, entertainment, holistic health and beauty, and offers strategies for success in this volatile economic climate.

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