Jack Carey, July 17, 2009

Jack Carey, July 17, 2009

IMG_1960 There are people whose absence is difficult or impossible to imagine. I have known Jack Carey most of the time I have been in Telluride. We are not  close friends, the kind who can share stories of adventures, dinners together, so I'll leave those stories to others. It is enough to say that I loved just running into Jack, under any circumstances. And his absence, for me, is impossible to imagine.

It had been several weeks since we had met, and yet, yesterday Jack and Monica took a detour through Hillside to look at flowers in others' gardens. Sus and I were out for our morning hike with Gina the Dog, and we all stopped and chatted for several minutes. It was a beautiful summer morning for a chat with friends, and it is that picture I will hold of Jack Carey.

Monica, I won't pretend I can fathom the depth of your grief, but know that our hearts are with you.

Jack, wherever you are, as one flier to another, "Blue skies, Brother."

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