Phish phans talk at concert in Telluride Town Park Tuesday, August 10

Phish phans talk at concert in Telluride Town Park Tuesday, August 10

It's fair to say The Grateful Dead were early adapters of the Google model – predating Google. They understood the power of the people to sell their brand, (Read "What Would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis if you want to know more.)  Word is that when the Dead parted ways, their sea of fans parted too, some becoming devotees of Widespread Panic and others, Phish phans.

The scene last night in Telluride Town Park was grassroots Gothic, avid Phish phans as far as the eye could see demonstrating a populist zeal rarely seen outside of Tea Party gatherings these days. Only they are positive and having lots more fun. Phish does not hold back, delivering cross genre, super-extended grooves laced with improv and a light show that drives the crowd wild. Phish phans don't hold back either. They give full-throated praise to the boys in their band. Here's a random sampling from our neck of the woods Tuesday night.

IMG_7505 Phrog (his first Phish concert was in 1991) and Phidgt from Steamboat Springs. Phrog is involved with two Phish websites: and, which tapes and distributes the band's shows. (Trading tapes has helped Phish sell over 8 million albums/DVDs in the U.S alone.)

"Phish is a really awesome band that attracts a really awesome scene. Look around, we are not in the Pepsi Center. Last year it was Red Rocks. This year it's Telluride Town Park. Personally we know about 50 to 100 people here. We love coming together and talking with one another at these gatherings. We are all excited about the same thing. Phish creates community. Collectively we are the fifth member of the band."

IMG_7511 Jill Peters from Denver, a Phish phriend of Phrog and Phidgt.

"The first time I heard Phish was in 1993, but I wasn't, forgive the expression, hooked yet. That happened in 1996, when I found their music took me to places inside myself I'd never been before. It was eye-opening to discover music that could do that. Phish Phans like myself are part of one extended family. We meet as complete strangers and then become friends for life. Many of us only see each other at events like Telluride, but it is always like we have never been apart. Phrog and I have not seen each other for five years, but it feels like yesterday."

IMG_7530 IMG_7522 Chris Miro of Frisco, Colorado and Futaleufu, Chile, where he is opposed to damming, and his friend David Bruton, also of Frisco

"In 1993, a friend gave me a cassette of Picture of Nectar. I was in Hawaii at the time and listened to that tape for two straight weeks," explained Chris. "Phish is first and foremost about the music. The band has a sound that is different from anyone else. One person can change keys in the middle of a riff and they all come together. It's amazing. And after their five year break, the scene, like the band, really cleaned up."

"My friend Travis, who is also here, and I borrowed Junta for a road trip to Durango. We played it nonstop and were hooked," said David.

IMG_7501 A very pregnant Amy and hubbie Kevin Snyder from Tuscon

"We have been Phish phans since the 1990s. The music combined with the energy of the crowd makes for a really incredible experience every time."

IMG_7504 Steven and Shawn Jenkins-Edwards from Las Vegas

"Over the past two or three years, we would go to as many Phish concerts as possible. Some we had to miss, but the one in Telluride, we had to make. The Phans who came to Telluride are hardcore.  Last night the band ended with Tweezer, which signaled to me, 'Stick around. The best is yet to come.' Hanging out here is like attending a concert in your neighborhood park. Phish in Telluride has an intimate feel."

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