Sleeping in the Buff: Major Benies

Sleeping in the Buff: Major Benies

Food and Health Editor Kate Bratskeir of the Huffington Post touts four good reasons why everyone should lose the pjs and sleep naked.

sleeping naked

Only about 8 percent of Americans doze off in their birthday suits, but many more should consider going to bed in the buff. In addition to not having to launder any jammies or crank up the A/C, there are some major, healthy benefits to snoozing au naturel:

You’ll sleep better.

The body is wired to drop its temperature during shut-eye, and the process is necessary for quality sleep. Fuzzy pajamas can keep the body too warm, preventing you from achieving an optimal temperature. This can lead to tossing, turning and restlessness. Your skin works naturally with the rest of the body to cool down so you can drift off, and cozy clothes just make it harder for the body to do its job.

The skin-to-skin contact will relax you…

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