Asanas For Alpinists: Getting Your Ski Legs Limber!

Asana's for Alpinists: Getting Your Ski Legs Limber!

The days are getting shorter, the aspens are turning a brilliant shades of yellow, and there is a distinct chill in the air here in Telluride. Winter is just around the corner. RE:treat Co Founder Babsi Glanznig shares 5 yoga poses to help you prepare your body for the ski season ahead! These poses will help you develop balance, strengthen your legs, knees & ankles & will help you develop stamina for those thigh burning turns down Bushwacker. If you love Telluride, yoga & skiing, join RE:treat for their Women’s Winter Wellness Yoga + Ski RE:treat in Telluride from February 18-22, 2015.

Yoga Poses for Skiers

Skiing is a one of the most fun activities to do in the winter. But being outside in the cold, while your feet are stuck in boots can be quite exhausting for you and your body.

Here, you will find easy-to-follow instructions for yoga poses that can you help you feel amazing after a full day on the hill and will also allow your body to recover and help your muscles to relax.

Especially for avid skiers, it is important to practice asanas, which focus on stretching the psoas and thigh muscles, tendons and muscles in and around the ankles, alleviate tension in the knees and strengthen the area around the knees. After an exciting day on the hill, full of adrenaline-filled runs, it is very beneficial to take some time and allow yourself to calm down, quiet the mind, focus on your breath and allow your body, mind and soul to calm down.

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