Shrink Rap: Dr. Paul Says “T’is the Season for Psychological Safety!”

Shrink Rap: Dr. Paul Says “T’is the Season for Psychological Safety!”

A Telluride local, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer is an internationally recognized expert on treating clinical issues at the nexus of relationships and behavioral health. (Please scroll down for more about Dr. Paul/)

Dr. Paul recently said: “…I wrote an article for Entrepreneur Middle East on the efficacy of utilizing the construct of psychological safety in the realm of family healing and repair. In the article, I outline a four-part strategy professionals working with families from collective cultures can utilize in bringing healing and hope to the human beings they are privileged to serve…”

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Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Transformative Adaptation: Extending Psychosocial Safety From The Board Room To The Family Room

As we emerge from the physical and psychological confines of the pandemic, it’s important for families around the globe to manifest healthy adaptations to the stresses and disruptions of the last four years.

As a social scientist constantly looking for trends in global mental health, I’ve been eagerly awaiting data relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our individual and global well-being. While we’ve heard the term “unprecedented” repeated ad nauseum over the last four years in relation to the chronic stresses that have come our way, we’ve heard little about the highly precedented capacity of human beings when confronted with chronic stressors to evolve into more adaptive states of individual and collective well-being.

Over the last six months, I’ve begun to see evidence of transformative adaptation occurring amoungst my high performance and highly successful patients and clients. This recent shift has given me a renewed sense of hope that power, when expanded into responsible, empathetic, and compassionate hands, can repair the multitude of individual and global pathologies that plague the people we love, and the communities to which we are privileged to belong…

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Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Dr. Paul is graduate of the Global Leaders in Health Care program at Harvard Medical School, the founding principal of Drayson Mews International, an international mental wellness based in London and the author of “Fragile Power: Why Having Everything Is Never Enough. Lessons From Treating The Wealthy And Famous,” the seminal resource for high-performance individuals looking for clinically excellent mental health and relational services.

Dr. Paul is listed as one of the world’s top problem solvers in Tatler’s High Net Worth Address book and studied the use of digital technologies to enhance the delivery of mental health and addiction treatment services at the Yale School of Management.

Dr. Paul serves as the family wellness expert to Ispahani Advisory. In addition to his legal and mental health background, Dr. Paul has extensive experience in the realm of social justice philanthropy through his service to The Human Rights Campaign, The Sierra Club and Greenpeace International.

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