RESET Telluride: Ultra-Luxury Wellness/Trekking Retreat!

RESET Telluride: Ultra-Luxury Wellness/Trekking Retreat!

Sign up for your RESET Telluride experience here. And for special week with wellness coach and yoga instructor Gina Caputo here.

Lost in a fugue of self-doubt? Convinced something must change, whether in your work or personal life, but struggling to figure out how to start a new chapter?

A word to the wise: life is not a fairytale with a Hollywood ending, so no knight in shining armor is coming to save the day. No relationship, perfect job, winning the lottery, or spiritual deity that can do the work for you either.

But there is RESET Telluride.

RESET is much more than a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning.

More than positive affirmations.

More than a few minutes a day of fresh air.

RESET is all of the above and more, an ultra-luxury wellness and trekking retreat designed to prove that one experience over just one week can change your life for the good. The program offers a sacred space where you will learn to have your own back and be taught to move forward to the person you want to be







The proof is in the (sugar-free) pudding.

For example, RESET, in partnership with the Telluride Yoga Festival, is now offering a “whole body breakthrough” – with a little help from friends like wellness coach and yoga instructor Gina Caputo. 

Caputo is coming to town to guest coach at a woman’s retreat September 11 – 17, 2022. 




“Gina has been presenting at the Telluride Yoga Festival for a number of years and integrates with our community so well,” explains Holli Owen, Managing Partner and Co- founder RESET Telluride. “Attending her classes left me feeling grounded and with a contentment we strive for our guests to feel at RESET. During Covid, Gina spent time becoming a certified Whole Health Life Coach. I love the way she approaches health in an holistic, but also realistic way. That said, guests who join for the special niche week in September will still get the full RESET experience. In fact, about 80% of the programming will be foundational to RESET– but with Gina providing special teachings and content through the week, as well as 1:1 coaching. The theme of the intensive is how to create lasting change, meaning how do we come to a program like RESET and take home the healthy habits that have us feeling great going forward. How do we truly integrate these habits into our daily lives?”

Go here for more about Gina Caputo.

According to RESET, the intensive with Caputo includes:

Mindful Movement. Grounding yoga sessions, breathtaking wilderness treks, and full-body strength training provide the foundation for lasting health.
Authentic Guidance. Cultivate your unique wellness vision through one-on-one coaching, group education, and guided meditation with yogi and certified Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist Gina Caputo. From sleep hygiene to boundary-setting, the comprehensive coursework within this safe container will inform your future well-being and embolden radical self-care.
Beautiful Nourishment. Delight your palate and senses with bold, flavorful, organic, plant-based meals.

RESET Telluride, more:

Holli Owen and Dylan Bates, co-founder, RESET Telluride.

After completing his Masters in Physical Therapy in 1999, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Dylan Bates built and ran a multi-site healthcare company. With a relentless focus on customer service and growth opportunities, the business evolved from a single location to more than 1,000 clinics across 35 states.

Bates’ hands-on involvement ended in May 2019. After 20 years of intense work and travel commitments, he is now an active board member/investor with multiple companies across the country. But clearly a lifetime of hard-charging commitment, two decades of intense work and persistent travel came with sacrifices that required a remix.

The genesis of RESET Telluride dates back to 2010 and his deeply held intention to provide the time, space, and path to help others like himself get off the wheel and find a healthy life/work balance. In 2018, Bates met fellow wellness-seeker Holli Owen and together they officially founded RESET Telluride. Out of the gate, both wear the mantle of this breakthrough program like a second skin.

With a BA in Environmental Science and Wilderness Leadership, nurturer, advocate and conservationist Owen brings nearly two decades of responsible recreation expertise to the RESET team. Intuitive, detailed and deeply compassionate, her global travels ignited a passion for creating a lifestyle of holistic well-being. A mission to surprise and delight lies at the core of her devotion to unparalleled, mindful hospitality.

Prior to co-founding RESET, Owen spent 10 years planning events in world-class luxury markets for the top 1% guests. During her time at the acclaimed Telluride Ski and Golf Resort, for example, she was charged with developing a new division with a focus on becoming the foremost destination for prestigious groups such as the Young Presidents Organization.

In 2007, Owen redoubled her pursuit of superior guest relations by earning a Level 1 Sommelier certification. She also completed the Excellence in Service training by Michelin-starred chef Charlie Trotter and earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition through Cornell University’s online program.

An avid Alpine skier, mountain runner, yogi, and climber, Owen has been a resident of Telluride for the past 20 years.

Bates and Owen are ably supported by RESET’s Program Director, Alyssa Saunders, and Assistant Director/HospitalityShanna Obluck.

What sets RESET apart from similar ventures? Three words: location, location, location. It is all about Telluride, the majestic San Juan Mountains and the remote, strikingly beautiful wilderness.

Also, according to Owen:

“We offer white glove butler service so guests can focus on their goals, let go of their day-to-day stressors and allow our team to support them through customized programming. During our first season we have watched guests have breakthrough experiences and revelations and commit to making whatever changes are necessary in their lives and routines to move to a higher, better place. It is beyond humbling and gratifying to watch this program work as well as it has so far…”

Then there is the partnership with Auberge and Hotel Madeline.

“In the early stages of RESET Dylan and I were focused on a full retreat build-out – but that would have taken years to complete. The partnership with the Auberge was born out of the necessity to get our venture launched,” continued Owen. “But we knew we needed to partner with a luxury brand with a similar ethos. After following the growth of Auberge, we found the focus of the company was on curated experiences and wellness-specific programs like their affiliation with The Well in Upstate New Year at their Mayflower property…”

The RESET Telluride Wellness Center with all its supportive fitness, meditation, yoga, O2 therapy and full-body composition scanning is now housed in a facility that is a mere two-minute walk to or from the Madeline.

“The Madeline has been the ideal partner for housing our guests and has let us run RESET as a business within a business. However, our guests are greeted and welcomed by the RESET hospitality staff and their experience is curated by RESET all the way through from the branded details in each room to morning and evening room deliveries that support guests at the beginning and end of each and every day.”

In general, the RESET experience now offers:

• Daily half-day treks in the unparalleled beauty of the San Juan mountains.
Oxygen enrichment program in the meditation room and bedroom suites.
Unlimited access to a private wellness center and expert bodywork practitioners.
Deliciously clean meals, chef-led, plant-based nutrition to detox your diet.
In-room massages customized to help your mind and muscles recuperate post-trek.
Bespoke RESET rooms at the Madeline Hotel & Residences, Auberge Resorts Collection, to ensure restorative sleep.

That said, RESET is determined to meet its guests where they are:

“We will make suggestions based on a guest’s personal goals to help each and everyone get the most out of their RESET experiences,” continued Owen. “We will adjust our trekking schedules and guides and tweak afternoon schedules to support very specific guest needs and wants.”

RESET Telluride: the start of a magical mystery ride to positive personal transformation.


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