Telluride Med Center: Be Vigilant About Covid Spread!

Telluride Med Center: Be Vigilant About Covid Spread!

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Dr. Christine Mahoney, Primary Care Director

Directors at Telluride Medical Center are concerned about an alarming increase in positive Covid cases. They expect to see this sharp rise in positive cases continue for the next several weeks. While symptoms seem mild or moderate in people who are fully vaccinated, the onset of flu season combined with the rapid spread of the omicron variant has the medical center worried about staff capacity.

Telluride Medical Center urges the public to remain vigilant and to help slow the spread by wearing masks and limiting indoor gatherings and travel.

“We are a small rural clinic, and our staff capacity is stressed right now. But we are doing everything we can to make sure we can meet the needs of our community,” said Dr. Christine Mahoney, Primary Care Medical Director.

The Medical Center recommends area residents and guests take the following precautions:

 • Be patient: The County’s testing capacity is limited. The Med Center is increasing appointments in the respiratory clinic, but testing capacity will be limited there as well. San Miguel County has a list of free community Covid test sites available on its website:

Get vaccinated. Get boosted: Don’t be misled by misinformation. It’s time to get off the fence. If you are not vaccinated, get it. If you are not boosted, get it. See the San Miguel County website for vaccine eligibility, availability, and locations:

Stay home if you are sick: If you have symptoms, try to manage them at home. Telluride Medical Center has limited resources, and it hopes to limit appointments temporarily to people who are at high risk or experiencing severe symptoms. Learn more about Covid symptoms here:

Shift to Telehealth: If it is not urgent and you feel comfortable with Telehealth, ask the Primary Care team to change your appointment to virtual. Please use the Patient Portal to change or request appointments.

The Telluride Medical Center will provide frequent updates as the situation evolves over the next few weeks. Stay up to date by visiting the website: or the San Miguel County website:

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