SM County Public Health Update: Isolation/Quarantine to Align with CDC and CDPHE!

SM County Public Health Update: Isolation/Quarantine to Align with CDC and CDPHE!

San Miguel County puts out the word: Public Health urges caution as public health advisory continues.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shortened the recommended time for isolation for people with COVID from 10 days to 5 days if symptoms have resolved on day 5, followed by 5 days of strict mask use around people.

Last night, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) adopted these guidelines in response to the CDC’s recommendation. San Miguel County Public Health will align with this guidance effective immediately to match new recommendations from CDC regarding quarantine and isolation for healthcare workers and the general population.

The shift in guidance is motivated by data demonstrating that the majority of COVID transmission occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to the onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after.

CDC has also updated recommended quarantine guidance for close contacts and those exposed to COVID-19:

• For people who are unvaccinated or are more than six months out from their second mRNA dose (or more than 2 months after the J&J vaccine) and not yet boosted, CDC now recommends:
— Quarantine for 5 days from exposure, followed by strict mask use for an additional 5 days.
— If a 5-day quarantine is not feasible, it is critical that an exposed person wear a well-fitting mask when around others for 10 days after exposure.

• Individuals who have received their booster shot do not need to quarantine following an exposure, but should wear a mask for 10 days after the exposure and limit interaction with vulnerable individuals.

• Regardless of vaccination status, best practice would also include a PCR test at least 5 days after exposure.

• If symptoms occur, individuals should immediately quarantine until a negative test confirms symptoms are not a result of COVID-19 infection.

Symptoms reported that are specific to recent infection with the omicron variant include:

• Scratchy throat
• Fatigue or tiredness
• Congestion
• Fever
• Chills and body aches
• Shortness of breath

Public Health has confirmed 344 new positive cases of COVID-19 from test results received from December 16 through 27. Caseload data is still being collected for this unprecedented spike in new cases including information surrounding residency and vaccination status.

As of release time, there are 286 active local cases, all actively contagious cases are directed to isolate at the onset of symptoms or receipt of a positive COVID test result.

There have been 1,706 total COVID cases among residents including 2 current hospitalizations and 7 COVID-related deaths.

To learn more about the county’s current COVID-19 metrics, please visit the SMC COVID-19 dashboard.

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