San Miguel County: Public Health, Medical Centers Update COVID Guidance!

San Miguel County: Public Health, Medical Centers Update COVID Guidance!

San Miguel County puts out the word: Unified approach introduces clear testing, isolation and quarantine guidance for employees, parents, and children.

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Several weeks ago, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) updated guidance for testing, quarantine and isolation for symptomatic individuals based on vaccination status. The updates came after findings were released in August by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showing that people who are fully vaccinated may still get infected with the virus and could transmit it to others.

In response to these updates, San Miguel County Public Health, Telluride Regional Medical Center, Telluride Whole Health and Uncompahgre Medical Center have updated guidance surrounding testing, isolation, and quarantine. The resulting flowchart will help guide people with or without symptoms to help determine next steps.

When it comes to school exposures, students will still be guided through CDPHE’s Return to Learn flowsheet with the intent of maintaining in-person learning.

“With the highly-contagious Delta variant continuing to dominate test samples in San Miguel County and the surrounding areas, it’s important that we have clear protocol to limit the impact on our communities, businesses and schools,” said Dr. Christine Mahoney, chief medical officer of Telluride Regional Medical Center.

The flowchart can be utilized by all individuals to help determine how to address symptoms that have arisen or known exposures.

A reminder, the symptoms of COVID-19 include:

Fever or chills
Runny Nose
Shortness of Breath
Sore Throat
Muscle or body aches
Loss of taste or smell

“The collaboration between the medical and public health communities throughout the pandemic has informed these well-defined guidelines,” said Public Health Director Grace Franklin. “We want to make processes clearer surrounding COVID and our communities as we work to continue in-person learning.”

Grace Franklin, County Public Health Director.

The updated COVID testing, and isolation/quarantine guidance can be found on the SMC COVID webpage in English and Spanish. The CDPHE’s Return to Learn flowchart for school-aged students can be found on the CDPHE website in English and Spanish.

Public Health has confirmed 20 new positive cases of COVID-19 from test results received from September 23 through 29. Of these cases, three are nonresidents, ten are confirmed as east end residents while seven are confirmed as west end residents. As of release time today, there are 18 active cases, all actively contagious cases are currently in isolation.

70-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, community
67-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
64-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
59-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
57-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, community
51-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, social
50-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, social
50-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
46-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, household
42-year-old male, nonresident, symptomatic, community
42-year-old female, nonresident
41-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, household
41-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
38-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
34-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, household
27-year-old female, nonresident
11-year-old male, resident, asymptomatic, household
9-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
9-year-old male, resident, asymptomatic, household
2-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, household

There have been 1,136 total COVID cases among residents including 130 total breakthrough cases, four new hospitalizations and three COVID-related deaths.

To learn more about the county’s current COVID-19 metrics, please visit the SMC COVID-19 dashboard.

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Get vaccinated
Stay home when sick and get tested


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