Telski & Telluride Med Center: Play for P.I.N.K., Tournament Winners!

Telski & Telluride Med Center: Play for P.I.N.K., Tournament Winners!

The Telluride Ski & Golf Resort annually supports the Play for P.I.N.K. Golf Tournament with P.I.N.K. funds dedicated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for state-of-the-art studies, as well as to the Telluride Medical Center Foundation’s Preventative Health Fund. 

To become a sponsor, volunteer or learn about other ways to get involved, go to or

Below are this year’s winners. The real winners, however, don’t get photo ops. They get better: much needed help and support.

From left to right: Eric Lackey, Andi Alexander, Pam Guillory, Victoria Hutson. This team has the distinct honor of having also won the previous tournament held in 2019.

Play for P.I.N.K (Prevention, Immediate diagnosis, New technology and Knowledge) uses lifestyle and sporting events to raise funds. All proceeds from the golf tournament directly benefit breast cancer research and the Telluride Medical Center Foundation’s preventive health fund.

Each year more than 100 golfers and volunteers show up for the tournament. To date, Play for P.I.N.K. has raised over $130k for breast cancer research and close to $200k for health initiatives at the Telluride Medical Center.

“Each year the golf tournament sells out faster, we add more sponsors, more volunteers give their time and we raise more money,” says Kate Wadley, director, Telluride Medical Center Foundation. “This profound support makes it possible for the medical center to expand free and discounted services, and provide everyone in our community access to exceptional healthcare.”

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