SM County: Residents Test Positive for Delta Variant!

SM County: Residents Test Positive for Delta Variant!

San Miguel County Residents Test Positive for Delta Variant. Three results from recent West End infections detect highly contagious variant B.1.617.2

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San Miguel County Public Health has confirmed three county residents have been infected with the Delta variant (B.1.617.2) of the COVID-19 virus, which originated in India. Two of the three residents have recovered, all known close contacts were informed at the time of contact tracing several weeks ago. The third case of the Delta variant resulted from a test sample taken from the resident who passed away on Monday, June 14.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) upgraded the Delta mutation to a variant of concern on June 15. This delineation indicates that the variant virus could be more easily transmissible or cause more severe symptoms and reactions leading to hospitalization or death. Variants of concern can also be resistant to antibodies resulting from infection of vaccination or undetectable in a COVID diagnostic test.

“This newly designated variant of concern has been detected in our county’s West End cases. Data supports that it is connected to the rapid rate of transmission, especially amongst households, over the last many weeks,” said Public Health Director Grace Franklin. “We have studied the aggressive nature of the Delta variant and encourage all to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones through vaccination, mask wearing and physical distancing. Vaccines are proving to be the most effective tool against severe disease and death caused by COVID-19.”

For the last two weeks, the Delta variant has been gaining momentum across the Western Slope, resulting in Mesa County releasing a public health alert on June 9.

“It’s a new message to the people who have chosen not to wear masks or to get vaccinated, more so now than ever, we need to step up as a community and fight this thing,” said Jeff Kuhr, executive director of Mesa County Public Health.

Variants of concern have been found to be highly contagious. As a result, attention to face coverings, physical distancing and limiting of group size should be strictly maintained.

Additionally, residents and visitors are encouraged to take advantage of testing opportunities should any potential exposure situations or various symptoms arise.

Above all, county residents are encouraged to pursue a COVID vaccine at the earliest possible opportunity in order to reduce the severity of symptoms should they become infected.

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