Telluride Med Center: Vaccine Update!

Telluride Med Center: Vaccine Update!

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Telluride High School alumni, Jerry Mark, Emily Mark and Karla Martinez, worked this week to vaccinate their former teachers.

This week local vaccine distribution efforts will focus on providing second doses to those who received their first vaccines last month, and ongoing immunizations for school staff and educators.

Who is next? We expect to vaccinate our 65 to 69 year old population within the next two months. (See Colorado’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Phases here.)

When that time comes, our staff will reach out to our empaneled primary care patients, who are full-time inhabitants and meet the criteria, to schedule vaccinations. If you’re not sure if you’re an empaneled patient of ours, register for the vaccine with San Miguel County Public Health.

Empaneled primary care patients of the Telluride Regional Medical Center will be contacted to schedule a vaccine starting first with those with the eldest ages and highest risk factors — scheduling partners (who are both 65+) to receive vaccinations on the same day is also a goal.

Please do not call the medical center to inquire about when you’ll be vaccinated. We don’t maintain a list. All full-time inhabitants of San Miguel County are invited to register for the vaccine with San Miguel County Public Health.

Staff at the Telluride Med Center understand this is a stressful time, we’re so grateful for your continued patience!

There continue to be kinks in the supply chain, however there is reason for optimism as Colorado looks to increase allocation and expects to receive increasing numbers of vaccines from the federal government.

More soon…

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