Telluride Med Center: Snapshot of Vaccination Efforts!

Telluride Med Center: Snapshot of Vaccination Efforts!

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The following is a vaccine update from Dr. Christine Mahoney.

Snapshot of Vaccination Efforts

The collaborative vaccine efforts of the Telluride Regional Medical Center, Uncompahgre Medical Center and the San Miguel County Public Health department has resulted in the administration of 2232 vaccines to people living in the county. Based on the State’s estimation of our population, that’s over 20 percent of our county who have received at least one dose. (More numbers at the County’s Dashboard here).

Our Vaccine Supply is Determined by the State

Local vaccine supply provided to the Telluride Regional Medical Center, Uncompahgre Medical Center and San Miguel County Public Health is determined by the Colorado Department of Health.

Working in partnership with Uncompahgre Medical Center and San Miguel County Public Health, every single vaccine that is sent to our county goes into an arm of a member of our community within seven days.

Vaccine Update: Working through 65 – 69, plus more vaccination options

Next week’s (February 28 – March 6) collaborative effort will focus on administering vaccines to those age 65 – 69.

We are optimistic that consistency of supply is improving and increasing and that we may complete this in early spring.

Please do not call the medical center to inquire about when you’ll be vaccinated. We don’t maintain a list. All full-time inhabitants of San Miguel County are invited to register for the vaccine at the link above.

Regional Retail Pharmacies Join Vaccination Efforts

The speed of which our clinic is able to vaccinate those age 65 – 69 is determined by the amount of vaccines sent to our county each week from the Colorado Department of Health.

Our ongoing request, from the beginning, has been for the maximum amount possible. We are prepared to flex into mass vaccination clinics should greater supplies arrive.

In the meantime, if you are willing and able, we strongly encourage you to schedule your own vaccination with a retail pharmacy in a surrounding county.

Retail pharmacies have vaccine supplies that surpass our current supply.

By all means, if you can get vaccinated, go for it!

See here for more information and a message from San Miguel County Public Health. Note that you may need to check back several times before you find an opening.

Staff at the Telluride Med Center understand this is a stressful time, we’re so grateful for your continued patience!

Vaccine Registration 

There continue to be kinks in the supply chain, however there is reason for optimism as Colorado looks to increase allocation and expects to receive increasing numbers of vaccines from the federal government.

More soon…

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