Staying Home with Symptoms More Important Than Ever!

Staying Home with Symptoms More Important Than Ever!

San Miguel County Public Health reports that young, healthy population
are experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms of COVID-19.

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With the highest rates of infection seen since the onset of the pandemic, current known positives are overwhelmingly suffering from generally mild symptoms and transmitting COVID-19 without their knowledge. San Miguel County Public Health urges residents to stay home when they think they have any signs of sickness and limit groups to household members only.

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed on January 16 that influenza rates remain unusually low for this time of year. A runny nose and symptoms similar to the common cold or influenza are more likely the result of a COVID-19 infection at this time. San Miguel County Public Health advises residents to pay close attention to their health, if even one symptom arises, residents are encouraged to stay home and isolate until they are able to get tested.

Dr. Sharon Grundy

“In years past, a runny nose and a cough were mild enough symptoms for us to go about our daily lives,” said County Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Grundy. “This year, these symptoms are more than likely the indication of a deadly, highly contagious disease that has killed over 400,000 Americans to-date. This is not the year to go to work or send your kid to school while sick. Take mild symptoms as seriously as you would take severe symptoms, a runny nose or mild cough can lead to someone else’s hospitalization.”

San Miguel County has seen the largest spike in positive COVID-19 cases to-date over the last week. A great deal of transmission is proving to occur in residents and visitors generally unaware of their own mild symptoms. The assumption that mild symptoms are similar to seasonal colds and influenza is frequently proving false. Oftentimes these symptoms result in a positive COVID test result and transmission to as many as five close contacts per known positive.

“We are at yet another critical juncture,” said Public Health Director Grace Franklin. “If we do not curb our trajectory immediately, policy change may have to be enacted. Personal accountability and behavior change must take hold right away or caseloads may force San Miguel County to revert to a more restrictive state. Your community is at risk. Jobs, businesses and lives are in jeopardy. We recommend committing to only your household for the next few weeks until the virus is contained.”

Grace Franklin, County Public Health Director.

On January 4, Governor Jared Polis moved all counties in Level Red to Level Orange, reopening indoor dining and expanding the size of personal gatherings. Mountain communities throughout the State of Colorado are seeing severe increases in cases, similar to this time last year before ski resorts were directed to close in March.

If even one symptom arises, residents are encouraged to stay home and get tested. Business owners and management are advised to take additional precautions to limit exposure of their staff and guests alike

Free testing is available Monday through Wednesday throughout San Miguel County. To register for free testing, visit the County COVID-19 page at

Public Health has confirmed 53 new positive cases of COVID-19 from test results received from January 27 through 28. Of these cases. ,48 are residents and all actively contagious cases are currently in isolation.

There have been 684 total COVID cases among residents to date with 106 active cases. \

To learn more about the county’s current COVID-19 metrics, please visit the County COVID-19 dashboard.

Five Commitments of Containment:

  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain six feet of physical distance
  • Minimize group size
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Stay home when sick and get tested


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