Telluride Med Center: "Superhero" Sharon Grundy

Confirming long-held suspicions held by both staff and patients at the Telluride Regional Medical Center, Dr. Sharon Grundy has been revealed as an actual superhero.

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The Telluride Regional Medical Center announced that Dr. Sharon Grundy has been recognized by the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) and American Sentinel University (ASU) for her extraordinary efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought unprecedented challenges to local healthcare workers.

Dr. Grundy is among other healthcare employees from hospitals around Colorado being singled out for their “superhero’” efforts during the pandemic.

According to CHA, this recognition honors individuals who have gone “above and beyond for their patients and communities” as Colorado Hospital Superheroes. CHA looked for doctors who have exhibited superhero traits during these difficult times, such as courage, a strong moral code, a fighting spirit and mental toughness.

As Paula Scheidegger said earlier this year of Dr. Grundy: “She’s guided not only our staff and patients, but the whole community through this global pandemic.”

When the pandemic landed in Colorado, Dr. Grundy’s role expanded to not just head of the medical center’s pandemic response— which included constructing entirely new protocols and an outdoor respiratory clinic — but also as the public health officer for San Miguel County.

Kate Wadley, Executive Director of the Telluride Medical Center Foundation notes that Dr. Grundy is often named by grateful patients who make donations in her honor.

“She’s truly compassionate and never stops fighting for patients or staff — and course that’s exactly the spirit she has brought to the fight against coronavirus.”

Karen Winkelmann, CEO at the Telluride Regional Medical Center said:

“Dr. Grundy’s leadership and superhero vision has touched every one of the patients we have seen, treated or tested throughout this pandemic. She has also taken every effort to lessen the individual burden on our staff and surrounded herself with a cast of superheroes here at the medical center.”

CHA will be honoring these superheroes at a virtual appreciation event in early 2021. For a list of honorees, visit CHA.

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