Telluride Med Center: Dr. Grundy, “The Gift of Hope”

Telluride Med Center: Dr. Grundy, “The Gift of Hope”

Eight things to know about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid vaccine FAQs.

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Monday’s winter solstice marked the longest and darkest night of the year — but what I’ve been thinking more on, this year, is the day that followed: The sun stayed in the sky longer, just as it has every day since the solstice.

And every sweet moment of sunshine helps.

The compounding of the personal and professional strains of the pandemic, the unending and peak demand for COVID-19 testing, and the rate of local infections — all lining up neatly with the holiday and ski — are taking a toll on our staff, maybe on you too.

And yet, this week, the shift in energy and morale at our clinic is palpable. There is joy here and it’s written on everyone’s faces.

The first shipments of COVID-19 Moderna vaccines — like longer days, and the promise of a new year — has put hope in our hearts. And we want to share that hope with the community.

If we keep getting the vaccines as scheduled, we will continue to work through all the phases of distribution, as fast as possible. Our entire staff is dedicated to that end.

This vaccine represents another level of protection from COVID-19 — the most powerful one in our quiver.

And it’s arrival to our county marks the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

(Read Public Health’s release on recent vaccinations.)

This gift of hope comes on the back of science, scientists, governments, private citizens and the essential workers around the globe who have shouldered so much for the greater good.

Pandemics are a part of the human experience — and they do end. This one may end sooner, with less suffering, thanks to this world of collaboration.

It’s this feat of humanity that will end the pandemic.

I know there are so many questions yet to be answered regarding vaccine distribution. Please understand so many of us are working together to answer those logistical questions. We won’t leave anyone behind.

And about this vaccine: What we know based on data and a large sample size, it is highly efficacious in preventing COVID-19 disease.

We still don’t know how it affects the infection, which is to say it’s possible those with the vaccine may still be carriers of the virus. We also don’t know how long the vaccine is effective for. There is however, no merit to conspiracy theories regarding fertility, microchips or DNA modification. We’ll get more into that in future posts, I promise.

But today, with hope in our hearts, everyone here wishes you a safe and merry end to 2020.

Always more soon,

Even as the vaccine rolls out, it is imperative that residents and visitors follow Level Red protocol and diligently adhere to the Five Commitments of Containment:

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