SM County: 1st Week Of Vaccine Administration Completed

Two hundred more doses to arrive for week #2 distribution in San Miguel County.

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The first round of administration of the Moderna vaccine is rapidly approaching completion. With an additional 100 doses shipping to San Miguel County Public Health and an additional 100 doses shipping to the Telluride Regional Medical Center this week, the county is lined up to complete distribution to frontline health care and emergency services workers as soon as this Saturday, January 2.

The first two weeks’ recipients will receive their second dose, or booster, later in January, approximately 28 days after their initial dose. As a result, all of San Miguel County’s frontline workers will be fully vaccinated by the end of January.

In accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment guidelines, the next phase will work to vaccinate senior residents along with employees of the county’s critical workforce. These two groups will be vaccinated with the same level of urgency in order to significantly reduce the threat of death in high-risk residents and reduce the risk of staffing shortages that would interrupt critical county functions.

“The first week of vaccinations went very smoothly,” said Public Health Director Grace Franklin. “We’re proud to report we were able to work through our first 200 recipients within mere days of receiving the shipment from the state. Now that we’ve almost covered our frontline healthcare and emergency workers, we have started to prepare to vaccinate our critical workforce and highest risk residents.”

Vaccination is planned to take place in Telluride at the Telluride Middle School Gym and in Norwood at the Uncompahgre Medical Center on a weekly basis as supply allows. In rare cases, should recipients be unable to leave their homes due to any circumstances, Public Health will employ the mobile testing unit outfitted this fall to administer vaccines in-home.

Public Health has confirmed 20 new positive cases of COVID-19 from test results received from December 23 through 29. Of these cases, 15 are residents and all actively contagious cases are currently in isolation.

There have been 413 total COVID cases among residents to date with 12 active cases. To learn more about the County’s current COVID-19 metrics, please visit the County COVID-19 dashboard.

• 64-year-old male, nonresident, symptomatic, community
• 60-year-old female, nonresident, symptomatic, social
• 55-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, community
• 55-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, travel
• 51-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, household
• 47-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
• 46-year-old female, nonresident, symptomatic, household
• 43-year-old male, nonresident, symptomatic, household
• 41-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, social
• 34-year-old male, resident, asymptomatic, household
• 34-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, community
• 32-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, household
• 32-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, household
• 29-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, household
• 26-year-old female, nonresident, symptomatic, household
• 24-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, community
• 23-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, travel
• 23-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, household
• 22-year-old female, resident, symptomatic, household
ª 21-year-old male, resident, symptomatic, household

San Miguel County will continue posting caseload updates twice a week. The next update will be published on Friday, January 1.

Five Commitments of Containment:

Wear a mask
Maintain six feet of physical distance
Minimize group size
Wash hands frequently
Stay home when sick and get tested

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