Do’s & Don’ts of Wearing a Face Mask at Restaurants During Covid

Do’s & Don’ts of Wearing a Face Mask at Restaurants During Covid

Placing your mask on the table while dining out during the coronavirus pandemic? Think again. We curated the following story by Patrice J. Williams from the Huff Post.

COVID-19 has changed the way we do pretty much everything, including eating out. Now that many restaurants have reopened dine-in options, with socially distanced tables inside or outdoors, a new problem presents itself: How do you wear a mask while eating?

Wearing a face mask has become a requirement in most states when entering most businesses, and for good reason. But what do you do with that mask when it’s time to take a bite? Do you place it on the table? Store it in your purse until you’re ready to leave? Do you put the mask back on when speaking to servers? And do you put it on between each bite?

As we’re all navigating this new normal, the questions are endless and understandable. HuffPost consulted doctors to get their best suggestions.

Sanitize your hands as soon as you sit down.

When you enter a restaurant, your initial thought may be to head to the restroom to wash your hands. Though generally nothing can replace hand-washing with soap and water, a few doctors suggest staying seated at your table and utilizing sanitizer in this situation.

Heading to the restroom means walking back through the restaurant to your table ― with all the possibilities for recontamination ― and then taking your mask off.

Instead, “use a personal hand sanitizer that you bring along with you [and] handle the mask by its straps to avoid possible transfer between the mask and your hands,” said internal medicine physician Vivek Cherian.

Never set your mask down on the table….

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  • Kyle Koehler
    Posted at 17:43h, 12 September

    Very useful, esp last paragraph about biggest risk comes from person(s) w/whom u r dining.