To Your Health: How Not to Get Covid-19!

To Your Health: How Not to Get Covid-19!

Part-time Telluride local Dr. Alan Safdi, a world-renowned internist and gastroenterologist with encyclopedic knowledge of mind-body wellness and preventative medicine, posts on Telluride Inside… and Out under the banner of “To Your Health.” His blogs feature the most current information in his field: health, wellness, and longevity. Which now has to mean Dr. Alan’s podcasts are all about what’s on everyone’s mind: COVID-19. 

The links a few of Dr. Alan’s podcasts on COVID-19 are below.

This week, Dr. Alan talks about “How Not to Get Covid-19.” Here is a link to that podcast.

Hint: Physical distancing really works. So do masks. And tough as it is we really do need to be paying attention to the new normal: the corona pandemic has a death rate about 49 times higher than that of the flu in the United States. 

Go here for myths about the coronavirus.


A new study by Prof. Chaolong Wang and colleagues from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in Wuhan, China, suggests that the physical distancing measures implemented by Chinese officials prevented more than 90% of possible infections between January 23 and February 18, 2020.

The study also predicted that nearly 60% of the people carrying the virus had no symptoms and were not self-isolating. This may have contributed to the quick spread of the virus.

These findings are consistent with those of other studies, such as one published in Eurosurveillance that looked at the spread of the virus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

These facts highlight the importance of physical distancing as one of the best ways to block the chain of contagion in the context of asymptomatic cases.


A new modeling study suggests that people should not restrict the wearing of masks to public transport and other places where they might find it difficult to maintain physical distancing.

The most effective way to restart daily life is to encourage everyone to wear some kind of mask whenever they are in public.

The new models predicted that it would be possible to bring an outbreak under control if people had to wear masks in all public places.

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Dr. Alan Safdi is board-certified in Internal Medicine and in Gastroenterology and is a Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology. A proven leader in the healthcare arena, he has been featured on the national program, “Medical Crossfire” and authored or co-authored numerous medical articles and abstracts. Safdi has been involved in grant-based and clinical research for four decades and is passionate about disease prevention and wellness, not just fixing what has gone wrong. He is an international lecturer on the subjects of wellness, nutrition and gastroenterology.