San Miguel County Launches New Coronavirus Microsite!

Go to to view the new site!

San Miguel County unveiled a new microsite that will replace the COVID landing page that was created in March. The site will enhance the user experience with easily accessible information, including pertinent news on the home page, intuitive navigation and a prominently featured Spanish companion site.

“We pulled user analytics from the past four months and used that data to assist in developing the new site,” said San Miguel County GIS Coordinator and site developer Heather Widlund. “The home page features the most frequented categories from the previous landing page, which will provide an easy user experience and give the community quick access to information.”

The home page includes a snapshot of the County COVID dashboard, with a link to the comprehensive dashboard and metrics. Users can also access state and local information, as well as current Public Health Orders and news updates. Information about testing, community resources, business resources, and a visitor page can be reached through intuitive navigation tabs on the site.

Miker Bordogna, courtesy KOTO.

“Communicating with our community is a top priority, and this new site will give us the opportunity to seamlessly share relevant information regarding COVID,” said County Manager Mike Bordogna.

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