Telluride Med Center Foundation: Sincere Thanks To Extended Community

The following is a message of thanks from Kate Wadley, Executive Director of Philanthropy, Donations, Telluride Medical Center Foundation.

“Throughout this Covid-19 pandemic, staff at the Telluride Medical Center has benefited from an outpouring of support, kindness and generosity. Our staff cannot thank you enough,” said Wadley.

Kate Wadley, ED, Philanthropy/Donations, Telluride Med Center Foundation.

Support Healthcare Providers: COVID-19 Telluride Medical Center Fund

To meet the demands on our team and needs of our community, we’ve established a COVID-19 Telluride Medical Center Fund. Donations to this fund go directly to support extra staff hours, additional staff, supplies (like personal protection equipment), communications and bilingual translation efforts and more.

The staff is deeply grateful for the community’s support.


Feed the Team

Each day our staff face new challenges but also new opportunities to make a huge impact in the lives of those in our community. They’re passionate about their jobs! One small, but very impactful way to support our staff and show your appreciation is to sponsor a meal or snack.

By sponsoring healthy food you’re allowing our doctors, nurses and support staff to stay focused on the challenges before them.

Finding nourishing sustenance in the staff room each day has meant a great deal to our team as they take on new responsibilities and roles, work longer hours and navigate a more than usual amount of stress as the situation rapidly changes.

We so greatly appreciate your support!


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