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Part-time Telluride local Dr. Alan Safdi, a world-renowned internist and gastroenterologist with encyclopedic knowledge of mind-body wellness and preventative medicine, posts on Telluride Inside… and Out under the banner of “To Your Health.” His blogs feature the most current information in his field: health, wellness, and longevity. Which now has to mean Dr. Alan’s podcasts are all about what’s on everyone’s mind: COVID-19. 

Links a few recent podcasts on COVID-19 are here:

Podcast 1: Distancing during Covid-19 Epidemic…how far is enough?  Also the proper hand-washing technique.

Podcast 2: Testing for Covid-19 and what are the differences and indications for each type of test?

Dr. Alan’s podcast, on ways to boost your natural immunity during this pandemic.

And now the downlow on potential treatments and The Vaccine.

“It is important to remember that less than 10 percent of drugs that enter clinical trials are ever approved by the FDA. And that the number of deaths from Covid-19 in 2020 has already surpassed the number of deaths per year from H.I.V./AIDS during the height of the crisis in the 1990s. That said, through treatments, many people are living long lives with H.I.V./AIDS,” explained Dr. Alan.

Dr. Alan, more:

Dr. Alan Safdi is board-certified in Internal Medicine and in Gastroenterology and is a Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology. A proven leader in the healthcare arena, he has been featured on the national program, “Medical Crossfire” and authored or co-authored numerous medical articles and abstracts. Safdi has been involved in grant-based and clinical research for four decades and is passionate about disease prevention and wellness, not just fixing what has gone wrong. He is an international lecturer on the subjects of wellness, nutrition and gastroenterology.

As the world turns, there is a chance Dr. Alan, in partnership withThe Peaks Spa, will return with wellness intensives titled “Live Longer Retreat.” If that occurs, he will be assisted by yoga and Pilates instructors, athletic trainers, dietitians, chefs at the Peaks. Limited to only 10 – 15 participants, these intensives include personal consultations, hiking, spinning, yoga, talks and demonstrations related to nutrition, cooking classes, and more.

For all program information, go to his Telluride Longevity Institute website or sign up by calling 1-877-448-5416.

Go here to read a review of the experience by one very satisfied participant.


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