Sex: Does It Really Help Boost Your Immune System?

Sex: Does It Really Help Boost Your Immune System?

Now that I’ve got your attention and while we are on the subject of Covid-19, Brittany Wong wrote a piece for the HuffPost titled “Does Sex Really Boost Your Immune System?” Note: Even just cuddling counts. For other rock solid ways to support your “elegant defense” during this pandemic, go here for Dr. Alan Safdi’s advice.

You’ve got a lot of free time on your hands while social distancing. Your partner has a lot of free time on their hands, too — especially if the two of you don’t have kids. If you’re cooped up together, why not use that extra time to get busy?

That’s the pitch psychologist and sex therapist Janet Brito is making to her clients, especially those who are stressed from reading COVID-19 update after COVID-19 update.

“I have been encouraging my clients who live with their partners to limit their media intake and consider engaging in solo or partnered mindful sex activities,” said Brito, who lives and works in Honolulu.
Mindful sex ― the kind where you’re focused on experiencing pleasure and less concerned about performance or meeting an end goal (orgasming, for instance) ― is the perfect pandemic activity for many reasons, she said.

“At its core, mindful sex is about unwinding and being in the moment with your partner,” she said. “With some soothing music, mindful sex during COVID could be a great solution to managing pandemic stress.”

The connection between sex and feeling good psychologically and physically goes deeper than that, though. Brito and other sex-perts explain how sex can boost your mood and potentially help your immune system during lockdown.

Good sex naturally puts you in a good mood…

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