Telski’s Bill Jensen to Helm Economic Recovery Committee!

Telski’s Bill Jensen to Helm Economic Recovery Committee!

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Bill Jensen, CEO, Telski

San Miguel County Manager Mike Bordogna announced that the county will officially form the Economic & Business Recovery group outlined in the county’s most recent Disaster Recovery Plan, with efforts to slowly reopen businesses underway. An early Economic Recovery Committee (ERC) was created to help coordinate local economic recovery efforts, with that group now being transitioned into the county program, to complement other recovery programs that are underway.

With representatives from governments, non-profits, private businesses and more, the ERC included more than 30 representatives across a broad spectrum. The group’s initial focus was on gathering information and providing feedback to the county for reopening scenarios. The county is now working with ERC sector representatives and using that information to assist in creating opening protocols for area businesses, as the orders from the state and county allow.

“We were able to successfully gather a cross-section of our community’s economic sectors and help establish a safe path to reopening,” said Dan Jansen, chair of the Telluride Tourism Board. “Following a productive first phase, it is the appropriate time to transition the group to county oversight for the coming stages of our near-term and long-term economic recovery.”

Miker Bordogna, Country Manager, courtesy KOTO.

“We appreciate the work that went into coordinating the Economic Recovery Committee and value the feedback given by the many sector representatives,” said County Manager Mike Bordogna. “We feel that we have the beginnings of a solid foundation to move forward as we begin the recovery process.”

The next phase under the county will be chaired by Telluride Ski Resort CEO Bill Jensen. As the county’s leading employer and economic driver, Jensen will play an integral role in leading the group as they move forward into future stages of the recovery efforts.

“I have enjoyed being a part of this innovative and thoughtful group of community business leaders, and look forward to collaborating further with the county and taking the committee’s efforts to the next level,” said Jensen.

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