Telluride AIDS Benefit: Saving Lives Still!

Telluride AIDS Benefit: Saving Lives Still!

The following is a note from the Telluride AIDS Benefit‘s executive director Jessica Galbo. If you want to continue to make a difference to the nonprofit’s beneficiaries, donate here today.Watch the 2019 TAB Fashion Show now right here.

Jessica Galbo, long time TAB supporter, now executive director.

Although pandemics are sometimes called the great equalizers, those who lived through the horror of the HIV and AIDS pandemic are seeing parallels and contrasts with the response to COVID-19, pointing out that inequality is often more apparent, not less.

This global pandemic has reminded us how socially and economically divergent we all are; families, businesses and nonprofits alike. TAB beneficiary organizations are working hard to help HIV and AIDS clients during this time of uncertainty.

Because of your generous support, TAB will be sending financial aid to these organizations just when they need it most.

Our hats are off to the everyday heroes fighting COVID-19.

Jessica Galbo, Executive Director

And Watch Out 

Set up the laptops. Get your Zoom links ready. We’re giving you a link to watch the XXVII Gala Fashion Show now for FREE. In the coming weeks, TAB is sharing photos from Fashion Week on Instagram and Facebook. Even though we’re all apart, TAB hopes this video and sharing memories on social media will help bring us together again.


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