West-End COVID-19 Plan Announced – East End County Testing Wraps Up!

West-End COVID-19 Plan Announced – East End County Testing Wraps Up!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the local response to coronavirus.

If you still have questions or need assistance, visit the County’s COVID-19 Response site or call their hotline for non-medical questions: 970-728-3844.

If you have a medical question, or need non-urgent health care, call the medical center: 970.728.3848.

If you have a question Sharon Grundy has not answered, send your question here, and she will do her best to answer and add that response to this post on tellmed.org/coronavirus.

San Miguel County Department of Public Health and Environment announced plans to begin testing in the West End of the county this Thursday, April 2nd, at the Norwood High School. (Schedule details below.)

County Public Health Officials working in partnership with the Uncompahgre Medical Clinic (UMC) and the Norwood Fire Department (NFD) tested 197 West End first responders, essential workers, school staff, and their families yesterday.

“The testing went so well, we opened it up to our seniors as well. We have everything in place to offer a safe and efficient process for everyone,” Norwood Fire Chief John Bockrath said.

The East End of the county is wrapping up testing today, March 31. As of March 30, 4,285 tests were done, exceeding goals. The unprecedented operation took hundreds of manpower hours to launch and 75 people at the testing site, most of them volunteers.

“We ensured a safe environment, and we were efficient. We appreciate the response of the volunteers and overall commitment to this county wide effort,” County Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Grundy said.

“We encourage everyone in the county to help us understand the presence of COVID-19 in our community,” Dr. Diana Koelliker, County Deputy Medical Officer said. “This is new and frightening territory for all of us. This testing will allow us some insight and hopefully allow us to gain some control.”

The free and voluntary test is being offered to everyone in San Miguel County.


Thursday, April 2 at Norwood High School, 1225 Summit Street.

8:00am – 9:30am SENIORS ONLY (60 years-old and over).

9:30am – 11:30am Group A: residents living between mm 93 on Hwy 145 to CR 44ZS/ZN (please see map)

11:30am – 3pm Group B: residents living between CR 44ZS/ZN and CR 42ZS/ZN

3:00pm – 5:00pm Group C: residents living between CR 42ZS/ZN and the Basin Store


Every resident who is interested in participating in this COVID-19 testing:

Register for CodeRED alerts if you have not already. Go to our coronavirus page and click the CodeRED icon on the right of the page.

Pre-register online for the blood test at c19SMC.com

You will be asked to fill out consent forms and will be able to find information about the blood test.

If you are unable to pre-register, volunteers on-site will help you to register using your cellphone

Volunteers on-site can also assist you with filling out paper registration forms, but please pre-register online if you can

You will be notified via CodeRED approximately 24 hours before you are to report for your blood test at the Norwood High School at 1225 Summit Street in Norwood. We will also announce the same message on KOTO.

Please remember to bring some sort of proof of residence (ID NOT necessary). Cable or electric bill, lease, etc.

We encourage you to drive (with members of your household only) for shelter and logistical reasons.

Keep reading for notes and map.

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