Telluride: National Guard to Help with COVID-19 Testing Tuesday

Telluride: National Guard to Help with COVID-19 Testing Tuesday

If you have symptoms — fever, cough, congestion — please call the Telluride Medical Center, 970.728.3848.

The National Guard has begun to arrive in Telluride to conduct surveillance coronavirus testing to help state and local health officials continue to make decisions in the best interest of the public.

Please do not be alarmed by their presence; Public Health and healthcare providers in the region welcome this visit from the National Guard and appreciate their assistance in administering these tests.

Testing will occur this Tuesday at a designated location in Lawson Hill outside Telluride for persons who are symptomatic and have doctor’s orders for the test.

The Telluride Medical Center and Uncompaghre Medical Center are working to identify and contact appropriate patients.

If you are experiencing a cough, fever, and shortness of breath, call your provider to discuss testing possibilities and details.

You will not be permitted to show up and request testing in person.

Message from Telluride Regional Medical Center:

Again, as you learn this news, please understand San Miguel Public Health and our team, namely Dr. Koelliker, has been coordinating with the National Guard.

If you’d like to be amongst those tested by the National Guard you must have an order from your doctor.

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