To Your Health: Avoiding Colds & Flu!

To Your Health: Avoiding Colds & Flu!

Dr. Alan Safdi, a world-renowned internist and gastroenterologist with encyclopedic knowledge of mind-body wellness and preventative medicine, posts on Telluride Inside… and Out under the banner of “To Your Health.” His blogs feature the most current information in his field: health, wellness, and longevity.

Winter and summer 2020, Dr. Alan is offering 14 seminars to medical professionals. The general public is welcome. Also this summer, he returns with his popular Live Longer Retreat wellness intensives. For all programs, go to his Telluride Longevity Institute website or sign up by calling 1-877-448-5416.

This week, Dr. Alan offers up tips to keep you healthy through winter 2020– specifically how to avoid colds and flu.

T’is the season. No not that one. That one (the holiday trifecta) is so yesterday. This season, the one renowned for, yes, Big Snow (if you are in Telluride), but also big colds and flu.

According to NewsMaxHealth:

Americans will come down with a whopping half-billion colds this winter and up to 20 percent of the population will develop the dreaded flu.

As we’ve already seen by the Australian flu crisis, this season is gearing up to be severe. As the southern hemisphere winds down its flu season, the Australian Immunization Coalition has reported 168.337 influenza cases so far in 2017 compared to just under 91,000 in 2016.

Experts in infectious disease say this may be due to the fact the dominating flu strain — the H3N2 — is a particularly nasty one.

“Usually the season in the southern hemisphere serves as sort of predictor of what’s going to happen in the northern hemisphere,” says Dr. Hana El Sahly, associate professor of molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine.

So experts say it’s time to start preparations…

Experts like Dr. Alan.

Dr. Alan, more:

Dr. Alan Safdi is board-certified in Internal Medicine and in Gastroenterology and is a Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology. A proven leader in the healthcare arena, he has been featured on the national program, “Medical Crossfire” and authored or co-authored numerous medical articles and abstracts. Safdi has been involved in grant-based and clinical research for 30+ years and is passionate about disease prevention and wellness, not just fixing what has gone wrong. He is an international lecturer on the subjects of wellness, nutrition and gastroenterology.

And back by popular demand, this summer, in partnership with the Peaks’ Spa, Dr. Safdi returns with his three, week-long wellness intensives titled Live Longer Retreat.

Again, using an evidence-based, scientific approach to health and longevity and featuring an experienced staff of medical professionals, personal trainers, Pilates and yoga instructors, dietitians, and chefs, the focus is on your unique wellness profile. Each Live Longer Retreat is one-of-kind in the U.S. Those intensives, limited to only 10 – 15 participants, will include personal consultations, hiking, spinning, yoga, Pilates, talks and demonstrations related to nutrition, cooking classes, and more.

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