BestLife Hearts Telluride – Focus on Main Street!

BestLife Hearts Telluride – Focus on Main Street!

And the beat goes on. Over the past two years, prestigious media outlets such as Conde Nast Traveler, Architectural Digest, Good Morning Texas, Travel & Leisure, Town & County, W, Vogue, and Forbes all sang hosannas in praise of Telluride. Now BestLife weighs in with the following story titled “25 Most Magical Streets in the U.S.”

Before the United States were even technically united, communities gathered and grew around well-trodden paths. Today, you’ll find these amazing avenues in every city and state, from major metropolitan areas like New York City and Los Angeles all the way to quaint corners of New England and the Midwest. Whether your idea of magical streets involves Greek Revival mansions and loads of Spanish moss or indie boutiques and snow-capped mountain peaks, you’re sure to find a worthy street below….

Acorn Street, Boston, MA
stone road in boston

Acorn Street is one of Boston’s most photographed sites, but you’ll need to go on something of a scavenger hunt to find it. Beacon Hill, a tony neighborhood just east of the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden, is filled with brick lanes—each lined with gaslit lamps and Federal- and Colonial-style townhouses. You’ll know you’ve come across the right street, though, when you find a narrow, one-block stretch paved with original cobblestones.

2. Main Street, Telluride, CO
main street telluride colorado

Telluride’s pleasant Main Street is unlike any other. The scenic 12-block stretch, which also goes by Colorado Avenue, sits at the bottom of a box canyon surrounded by the largest collection of 13,000- and 14,000-foot peaks in the U.S. While many of its landmarks have closed up shop, the street was once home to the town’s first jail and the San Miguel Valley Bank where Butch Cassidy pulled off his first heist…

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