Telluride Med Center: New Wellness Annex

Telluride Med Center: New Wellness Annex

Earlier this month, the Telluride Regional Medical Center installed a 225-square-foot shipping container was placed just outside the primary care entrance to the Telluride Regional Medical Center, which they are calling it a “Wellness Annex.” Reasonably, you might have some questions about this.


What’s a Wellness Annex and how will it be used?

The shipping container turned Wellness Annex will accommodate the medical center’s growing mental health services and community education forums.

With the addition of the Annex, we are able to move our Behavioral Health Counselors from the basement to a conference room just off of the primary care lobby – a much more appropriate space for our team to meet with patients.

With this move, we’re also able to bring the Medical Center’s CEO (that’s me) under the roof of the medical center. I’ll be moving my office from an east Telluride office suite into the Medical Center’s basement, (where the Behavioral Health Counselors were).

I can’t tell you how much it will mean to me and the staff to be working more closely together. Literally!

Our staff have many other uses for the Annex including Quality-Assurance meetings, trauma-based care trainings, tele-health conferencing and other trainings.

But why a shipping container?

It’s a practical solution. But it should be a short-term one.

The addition of a Wellness Annex is the latest effort by the Telluride Hospital District to address serious capacity issues while we continue their search for a site for a new facility.

In the 40 years the medical center has existed in the current space, there have been nearly a dozen renovations to keep up with healthcare technologies and patient growth.

We’re at a point where there’s no way to make more of the space within the facility. It’s helpful to remember too that Telluride Hospital District doesn’t own the land, it’s on a lease that expires in 2032.

The community deserves better than this. We need a new facility!

Wait, what’s happening with the search for a new home for the Medical Center?

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