TIO NZ: A Visual Wrap-up

Mt. Cook from Lake Pukaki

We’ve been home from our month in New Zealand for two weeks. The late fall buff landscape that greeted us on our return has finally been replaced by a coat of white, and I can now take the time to put up a slideshow that illustrates the month of travel in New Zealand – travel that gave us views of this beautiful country from the road, from mountain paths, from the water, and from the air. I include also a video of our helicopter trip to White Island, an active volcano.

The order of the photos in the slideshow is roughly chronological, beginning in the central North Island, working our way south to Wellington, then across Cook Strait to the northern parts of the South Island, down to Queenstown, and finally flying back north to Auckland and finishing our vacation sailing in the Bay of Islands, north of Auckland.

Topsail Schooner, off Russell in the Bay of Islands

The last two photos in the slideshow are back in Telluride, intended to show that, however exciting and beautiful the journey, it’s great to be home.

This cannot be a complete view of New Zealand, just a month-long teaser as it was for Susan and me.


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  1. Wow wow wow…..what an awesome trip!
    Wishing you folk a wonderful 2018 & loads more adventures..
    Sharon & John x