BootDoctors: A perfect fall day? Get on a bike.

BootDoctors: A perfect fall day? Get on a bike.

This week, the BootDoctor in the House focuses on a perfect fall day in and around Telluride. Which makes it a perfect day for biking. Especially with BootDoctors’ bike mechanic extraordinaire, Sarah Ender. (All images are by Melissa Plantz.)

Sarah Ender, BootDoctors’ bike mechanic – and so much more.

It’s one of those September afternoons in Telluride when summer and fall collide to create utter perfection. The sky is impossibly blue; hues of yellow light hug the hillsides; and the afternoon sun is honeyed and warm. New snow dusts the peaks, leaving skitter across the trail. And a crispness can be detected in the shadows.

I’m astride a Stumpjumper 6Fattie, pedaling through aspen trees behind BootDoctor employee and bike mechanic Sarah Enders. With its chubby tires and ample suspension, the bike offers a springy ride, surprising nimbleness and extra traction for the steep sections — and I’d be lying if I said it’s not a massively fun improvement from my beat-up hardtail.

We roll down the trail as gusts of wind rustle through the aspens, breathing in the intoxicating smell of dying leaves and resting to take in the fall colors and snap pictures.

This, I think, is as good as it gets.

In the mountains, summer gets most of the mountain biking love. But fall is the sleeper hit when it comes to glorious rides.

Fall is the time of year when riots of colors blaze through the forests,; the sun takes on that warm, but waning quality of fall; and offseason guarantees the trails are uncrowded. Gone are the daily monsoons of August, and most riders are in the best shape of the year.

If you are in need of late-season gear, want to test out a rental or need some love for your well-used steed, Enders can help. The seven-year BootDoctors employee is a rider and bike mechanic, who graduated from Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs four years ago. (She’s the one who set me up on the Stumpjumper for the ride.)

Enders, who lives in San Bernardo with her husband and manages ski rentals for BootDoctors in the winter months, says she loves the variability of wrenching on bikes.

“I love it. It’s awesome because bikes are complicated and always have different challenges,” she explained. “It’s all about problem solving, which can be fun and challenging.”




Biking isn’t Enders sole source of recreation. She also rides horses, hikes, hunts, skis and snowboards – but she does agree right now is high time to get out on a bike.

“The monsoons are over, so things are drying out. The weather’s optimal. And then just the colors are amazing, it’s a beautiful time to be out,” she added. “It’s good to squeeze it in before it starts snowing.”

BootDoctors carries a fleet of bikes that includes rentals like the Stumpjumper, demo bikes and retail models that range from Specialized to Pivots.

Riders can also find helmets, gloves, bike apparel and cleats.

And the store’s team of mechanics will tackle any issue, from brake bleeding to tire replacement.

Because it’s too nice to not go riding.

And new snow on the peaks this weekend reminds us that the season is sweet –but short.

Editor’s note: “The (Boot)Doctor is in the House” is a series from beloved family-owned and operated outdoor retailer BootDoctors all about sharing the power of mountain life: adventure, style, gear, and community in the Telluride region. Here the good guys always get to ski powder and bag summits – and sunsets are always spectacular. For more about BootDoctors Ski, Snowboard & Bike Shop, go here.

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