Telluride Med Center: “Our ‘About Us’ is really about You,” Fansler’s Story

Telluride Med Center: “Our ‘About Us’ is really about You,” Fansler’s Story

Go here on Telluride Medical Center’s website to hear “Grateful Patient” Davis Fansler tell his story. Davis is also a board member. 

Davis Fansler, Telluride Med Center boardmember and “grateful patient.”


If you want to know about the Telluride Regional Medical Center; look no further than you, our patient.

We see you for wellness, during annual check-ups to discuss your health and personal risk factors.

Sometimes we see you more often, when we help tackle diabetes.

We may see you in our Emergency Room, to put you back together after that season ending bone fracture.

We always do our best to see you for a same-day appointment when your child gets hit hard with something fast.

And when we need to, we see you on the worst day of your life, when our job may be to stabilize you,  get you as quickly as possible transported to another facility.


It is in those most urgent times that our “About Us” is most crucial. We know, it is the care we provide in those moments that make “Us” and “You” one and the same.

You probably don’t know this, but it’s our Level V Trauma Center designation that makes that level of care possible. And once every three years, surveyors from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment visit our medical center to evaluate the trauma services we offer. Their survey includes a detailed review of policies and procedures, qualification of staff, and a review of trauma patient charts to evaluate how care is provided to trauma patients.

What’s at stake: If we have a number of deficiencies, we could lose our Level V trauma designation. (More on what that designation means here).

The greatest advantage to our Level V designation is that it allows us to receive patients transported by ambulance. This designation is truly is the safety net of our community. As a Level V trauma center we can stabilize you when you’re seriously injured or ill, when you might otherwise have to make the trek to hospitals more than hour away.

I am proud to report the outcome of our most recent review revealed we had exactly zero deficiencies and as such we were immediately re-designated as a Level V Trauma Center.

What’s more, in their summary statement, they indicated that our trauma program is the premier Level V center in the state.

This excellent level of service and capability is one reason why patients such as Davis Fansler can take a dance with death and live to tell about it.

So, if you really want to know about ‘Us,” check out Davis Fansler’s compelling grateful patient story (go to link above) and know that the same level of care is here for you should you need it.

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